Times Have Changed


Incorporating the Political Science field with Sociological field, it comes down to this. Defining the nuclear family in a traditional manner, the wife is involved in domestic affairs and husband is only involved in foreign affairs. Walking away from the traditional definition of family, the wife is attending to domestic affairs and foreign affairs while her husband is only focused on foreign affairs.

Communism or Capitalism

It can be said since 1848 Years of Revolution in Europe, there is a mind boggling question in human minds which has brought many regime changes around the world. Is communist economic system serve better interest of humankind or capitalist economic system? The above question developed through political evolution. When the system was a feudal one, and it gained legitimacy to govern serfs from head of state who was a queen or a king.  In 1215, Magna Carta questioned legitimacy of a queen or a king to govern a nation. There was absent of consent and will of people for a queen or a king to rule a nation. The Magna Carta was asking head of state to act within framework of Constitutional Monarchy. A queen or a king was not interested to share authority with anyone. S/he was interested to hold on absolute power as s/he believed was chosen by God to rule her/his nation.

The above circumstances shaped England’s political culture, and since it was customary for royal families from different nations to marry among each other to avoid wars, the Magna Carta idea began to spread through out Europe. In 1688, Glorious Revolution took place in England, and shifted dynamic of Europe’s history. In 1789, French Revolution commenced and, in 1799, it reached to its pinnacle point by serfs who toppled the monarchy system. The above era is known as conservatism as Edmund Burke was defending notion of conservatism as a way of life and people should know their place in society. In the main time, there was a new class on rise which was a merchant class. This class was going against the conservative values that a person’s social status is determined by birth, but by her/his labor. It was seeking equal opportunity, and government would not interfere with affair of economy. Adam Smith develops a notion of laissez – faire in his book “Wealth of Nations”. This is an era that an economy system of liberalism is emerging on scene of history. It is asking for freedom from state so economy would function without constrain of state, and right to private property ownership. The above situation did not ease pain of people who were working in factories for over sixteen hours a day, seven days a week and they were penniless. Karl Marx and Engels Friedrick wrote “The Communist Manifesto” and wrote about workers exploitation, and how owner of means of production were developing mode of production to make profits at expense of workers. Moreover, they foreseen future that workers would revolt one day and would topple the bourgeois class, and establish a communist nation that everyone would live equally with one another. The above scenario really was stemming from bible of Armageddon and Second Coming of Jesus.  However, the above political ideologies were feeling short to answer human needs that what would be the best way to serve human needs?

Reading political economy books like “The End of Poverty” by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, whose a Red Tory in Canadian political economy term. Authors Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson in their book “Why Nations Fail” who are Tories and Dr. Robert Pastor in his book “The North American Idea: A Vision of Continental Future” is a Tory. They all convey one message, it is important for governments to invest in infrastructures to develop healthy and vibrant economy. They touched Canada’s health care system as a vital instrument to have a healthy economy.  Canada has top notch doctors who are making Canadians to become healthy when people are becoming ill. It is obvious that the Universal Health Care in Canada is not a communist one nor a capitalist one, it is a socialist one. It is between two economic systems. It is important to remain between two best fruits that history has achieved.

Iran’s Nuclear Dilemma


Iran was approved by the United States of America to proliferate nuclear capability at time of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was head of state of Iran. In 1979, Iran was transformed from a hereditary monarchy system to a republic political system. The regime in Iran began to face challenges domestically and outside of its national boundaries.

It was during 1980 – 1988 the regime in Iran began to recognize nuclear power as a bargain cheap to resolve its security dilemma. India and Pakistan have nuclear bombs and foreign countries do not question legitimacy of their states or governments. In case of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was over throwing by Western powers on ground that he no longer had consent and will of his people to govern Iraq. In addition, the Western powers accused him of developing Weapon of Mass Destruction, and aiding terrorist entities that they had diabolic plans for Western nations.  Saddam Hussein did not have a military capability to fight back with the Western powers and lost the wars during Persian Gulf Wars.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to have nuclear power. It is right to have nuclear power due to scarcity of fossil fuel. There is an explication that the regime in Iran is developing nuclear power not for use of civilian, but it has ulterior motive. It is developing nuclear bombs to drop them in Israel due to former Iran’s president Ahmadinajad, who said that once Iran has a nuclear bomb, Iran would wipe Israel from map. Particularly, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s domestic and international affairs are at the cross road with other nations as well as United Nations. Ahmadinejad’s statement sent a shock wave to everyone.

Now, the question is; will the Islamic Republic of Iran drop a bomb on any nation? How will the regime in Iran would use its nuclear capability if it acquires nuclear bomb? The regime in Iran has a security dilemma because in Seventh Century Ottoman Empire was encroaching on Iranian frontiers and Shah (King) Ismael from Safavid Dynasty developed system of Shia Sect adherent to twelve saints to prevent Ottoman Empire expanding its frontier on Iranian territory.  This is why Iran is surrounded by Sunni – Sect nations and people who are residing by border, they are following Sunni – Sect doctrine.

Therefore, the regime in Iran is facing insecurity from the region, and makes the region to follow realism doctrine and not ensuing liberal doctrine for trade.

The regime in Iran would not make a military strike against other nations whether it is regional or outside of the region because it has no support of any nation, and if Iran attacks at a nation, other nations with help of Western powers would turn Iran into a stone ages. This is also why Iran has not be at war with other nations since Seventh Century and has always remained in a state of defensive and not offensive.

Iran’s Political Culture


Iran has two political cultures.  Iran’s first political culture is pre – Islamic area and begins with Cyrus the Great who is a first founder of Human Rights. The above claim is verifiable by checking the United Nations that Cyrus the Great advocated rights of people to freedom of speeches, thoughts, and religions. Moreover, there are historical facts that Greek called Cyrus the Great lawgiver, and Jewish called him anointed one by God. There are some historian scholars who claim that he did not adhere to any faith. However, there are some scholars that they claim he was a Zoroastrian.  It can be said about, Cyrus the Great as a master politician who expanded Iran’s western frontier from Persepolis to North Africa and eastern frontier to China’s border, and established Achaemenian Dynasty. The above historical epoch is fundamental in a fashion Iranians think about Iran and themselves. When an Iranian person is trying to get attention of others, s/he would use Cyrus the Great as a starting point. For example, Shirin Ebadi, during her acceptance speech of Noble Peace Prize, she made some positive remark to Cyrus the Great as a way to appeal to public sentiment. There were two other Persian dynasties that they are source of pride and joy for Iranians, and those dynasties are contributing to historical discussion of Zoroastrian faith and Mithraism faith. Most importantly, how these Empires prevented Roman Empire to encroach on Iranian land.

In Seventh Century, Arabs from Saudi Arabia invaded Iran and took about ten years or more to conquer Iran and Iranians were converted from other faiths to faith of Islam. Today, in India there is a Zoroastrian community that their lineage goes back to Iran.

The above historical accounts are shaping Iranian minds as a resisters against in – coming forces. Particularity, there is a historical account of Saint Hussein that he revolted against establishment of his time, who was ground son of prophet Muhammad. He had seventy – two followers at the time of battle and prior to war, he knew that he would die, but went to the battle field knowingly that he would not come out of the war alive. He died for injustice. The above historical event has shaped Iranian political culture deeply. It was the above historical account that Khomeini used to defeat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1979. Also, the Islamic Republic of Iran used the above historical account to recruit soldiers for Iran and Iraq War and willing to walk on land mines and die for cause of Islam.

As a result, concept of political culture is a strong one, and Iran’s political culture is a defiance one. It is all about resisting an in – coming force due to injustice.

Politics of Race in Canada


White Canadians really do not want to talk about race issues, and it is a topic which deemed to be left alone. If a non white person mentions topic of racism to a white individual, s/he would respond to her/him like this that it is really sad hidden racism exist in Canada. S/he is assuming by responding like this, has remained liberal minded about issue of racism in Canada, and s/he is emasculating negative impact of racism on non white Canadians. The reality comes to this that society is structured on Karl Marx idea of power struggle, there is no reason to like all of Marx ideas. However, he has some theory about function of society which makes sense. It makes sense that white Canadians are interested to maintain status quo so that they can enjoy life time good employments and good life while non white individuals are struggling to meet basic necessities of life. If a non white person talks about any form of hardship, white individuals would accuse her/him of being lazy. The most funny part comes to this that the gain employment through networking. However, Canada is a meritocracy society, and that person gain employment through nepotism and not networking. How about those individuals that they do not have network in Canada? Obviously, it would be a monumental task to gain employment in Canada.

In 2015, the University of British Columbia released a report that how ethnic minorities in Canada were facing one form of bigotry due to their ascribed status.1 When ethnic minorities are subjected to a form of bigotry; what are the life – chances of opportunities for them in Canada? There is not much of life – chances of opportunities for them. In addition, I looked at policing in Canada, and Toronto Star published an article in 2002 and accused Toronto Police Service for racial profiling.2 Obviously, police system is laying criminal charges against ethnic minorities so that they would have criminal records to prevent them from life – chances, and only white Canadians can have a path toward successful life. What all this does to a person? A person begins to feel alienated and disfranchised and does not want to be part of Canada.

Since terrible incident took place in Paris, France on Friday 13th, 2015, it illustrated to all Canadians that racism is no longer a hidden one. In fact, it is a real one. A man from Province of Quebec decided to seek avenge death of people in France by killing Muslims in Canada. Thankfully, he was apprehended quickly. A mosque was set on fire and only caused property damage and did not claim a human life. Two Muslim women were attacked on Toronto’s subway physically and they were humiliated verbally.3 A Muslim woman received an anonymous letter on her door step to go home.4


Last look at other so called hidden racism in Canada. Jian Ghomeshi was accused of serious criminal offenses and was targeted by media outlets relentlessly. Dr. Steven Galloway teaches at University of British Columbia, who is accused of some allegations. The above academic institute suspended him with pay, and his colleagues are upset that why the UBC decided to disclose this matter in public arena.5 Furthermore, those individuals have made claims against him, their comments are not appearing on google search engine. There is one more shocking news from the UBC. When a PhD historian student Dmitry Mordvinov was accused by several female students for some alleged wrong doing. The UBC decided to shut the door on women, and there is no police involvement in this matter.6

As a result, there is need for one form of economic, social, political and legal system which treats everyone equally. Not have a system which is treating white people with ample window of opportunities while others are becoming nothing but slaves. It needs to change.

Constable James Forcillo and Sammy Yatim


It is with utmost sadness Constable Forcillo decided to use deadly force against Sammy Yatim, who was brandishing a knife at a street car commuters during late night hours. Mr. Yatim’s behavior caused people who were on that street car to flee the public transit in state of fear. Mr. Yatim’s behavior caused Toronto Police Service to attend the call and the above police officer used his hand gun to take Mr. Yatim down. As other officers rushed inside of the street car, they used taser, and caused Mr. Yatim’s body to shake and blood poured out of his body.

The lesson was learned that there are police officers who tarnished good name of other officers. Mr. Forcillo should not become a source of anger, but to be embrace as a human being who made a mistake and correcting him.

There is always for everyone.

Golden Rule of Social Constructive School of Thought


Social constructive school of thought is a branch of international relation study which explains that why certain state actors behave in a certain way. This school of thought explains that states make their own enemies. It is a fascinating way to understand that how world govern itself. It uses concept of inter – subjective as a common denominator to bring nations together due to their common background in area of religion, language or race.  indeed, France has been attacked by some ruthless individuals that they did not have an honor. They attacked at individuals that even some of them had view that the war in the Middle East must come to an end. However, those terrorists caused serious damage between West and East. It requires long days of healing between them.

Now, France is acting irrational against the ISIS. It is making more enemies rather than making friends with others. It is beef – up its military presence in the region to seek revenge against the ISIS. How about France would act differently? It would assist the central governments of Turkey, and Iraq to confront the ISIS. It would provide educational means as well as health care for the above nations. How about this. Soon, the war on terror would come to an end. France is acting aggressively with the ISIS not because of terrorism, it is because France does not have an inter – subjective connection with Iraq and Turkey.

Let’s end this cycle of violence with one another, and not to see one another in means of race, culture, or religion, but as a human being. We have a lot in common with one another. Let there be light and push away darkness.

Security Dilemma of Syria


Security dilemma of Syria is no longer a matter of regional issue. It has become an international issue since the Torjan Horse soldiers in Syria proven to disregard national boundaries of nations and committee crimes in Turkey and France which makes any rational person to question that what in the world is happening now? There is an absent of security, and something must be done to prevent terrorists to cause further harm to others. The road to security becomes foggy, and decisions would be made in these historical moments which would result in unintended consequences.  Also, history is a good starting point not to make same mistake over.  Just to name one, when during Cold – War, the US was at proxy war with former Soviet Union in Afghanistan and was supplying Taliban and Osama Bin Laden with weapons to fight off the US war. The Taliban won the war against the former Soviet Union, and it appeared the case was closed. However, the US opened the Pandora Box and changed the world that we live in. Let’s not make the same mistake in case of Syria.

Currently, Canada is contemplating to provide Kurdish fighters known as Peshmarg with weapons to confront the ISIS in the region. It appears to be a great idea to do so. However, it is a short sighted policy. It needs to be understood that Peshmarg means a person embraces death. It is not any different that Islamic Jihad ideology. The difference is that this faction has extreme Marxist values compare with the other one which adheres to extreme Islamic theology. This Kurdish militant group or any other Kurdish factions have a clear mission mandate which is to create a self – autonomy of Kurdistan in the region. The problem comes here that this ethnic group is scattered among countries of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Thus, Kurdish ethnic group is not concentrated in one nation and their future plan is posing a security dilemma for national sovereignty of the above nations.

There should not be any doubt that once Canada gives the Peshmarg weapons to fight off the ISIS, the Peshmarg would cause serious damage to the ISIS permanently. The Peshmarg would gain confidence of Kurdish people and other ethnic groups are going to feel insecure about the Kurd when it begins to demand for self – autonomy. The path for self – autonomy would be a bumpy one. The Peshmarg would turn those gun barrels at the central governments of the above nations and those nations would be engulfed of fire of civil wars.

Solution to regional problem is to empower Iraqi’s central government to eradicate the ISIS as well as Turkey which is member of NATO to obliterate the ISIS in their land.  By giving power to a small faction to fight off the ISIS, it would reduce central power and public would not have confidence in their central governments and these nations would remain at state of developing.

Therefore, the foreign policy of allowing a faction which has a mandate of self – autonomy for greater Kurdistan and their members are suicidal. It must come as a warning to anyone not to collaborate with that militia group. There is no need to create another undesirable character like Osama Bin Laden. Canada needs to display itself as a nation like former Prime Minister of Canada John Diefenbaker, who did not take part with US to go against Cuba and China. However, he worked with the above nations. This is what makes Canada a great place to be.

Who To Blame for Terrorism?


Terrorism has many shapes, and it is not a nice one to face it. It requires to think about terrorism that what triggers certain individuals to walk toward jaw of death for an idea. Interestingly, a person carries an act of destruction against others. Although, s/he is held as a hero for others, while victims of that act of atrocity deem her/him as a terrorist.  Thus, the act of terrorism creates a double edge sword with countless complexity to be sorted out. Currently, the act of terrorism is depicted in this manner that some individuals from the Middle East region are walking in the western hemisphere and are committing an act of violence against others. Indeed, what they do is wrong and unjustifiable. Now, let’s look at other side of the coin, the western powers deployed their armies in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. They have an agenda of regime change in sovereign nations, and interfering with domestic affair of nations,  as Immanuel Kant advises in his book “Perpetual Peace” article seven that other nations not to interfere with domestic affairs of other nations, if that would be the case, it would lead to a war among the parties. Than, why did the US invade Iraq? Is that not an act of terrorism? Furthermore, the US used its state of art military airplane and destroyed a hospital which was used by Doctors Without Border.1 Is that not an act of terrorism?

To understand what is terrorism a person needs to attend Dr. Ron Dart’s lectures and listen to him and writes several critical thinking essays to understand this complex world. In addition, it would be beneficial for a person to read his book “Keepers of the Flame: Canadian Red Toryism” to understand what terrorism is.

Seeking military strike against other nations would perpetuate violence. The west would become a terrorist entity in other peoples’ eyes.  However, working with them would enable us to resolve our differences and building bridges. Say no to any form of violence, and say yes to cooperation among nations to build them.

There is also this idea that Canada should go on war with other nations and nuke them. Remember those dignitaries are receiving premium safety and security from law enforcement agencies. They do not face any form of threat. Ordinary individuals would face wrath of terrorism.

Therefore, live by peace, will have peace, live by sword, will die by sword.

End note:

  1. CNN <http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/05/asia/afghanistan-doctors-without-borders-hospital/&gt; 16 November 2015

Tough People Will Cough Ashes


It was back in 1990s, when I was attending University of Toronto, I was working toward my Bachelor of Arts – Sociology. I took one economic course as an elective course to meet the program requirement. One day, I was on my way to economic tutorial class which was a small class size. When I entered the class, I noticed previous class which was a law course, a person wrote on the class board that “Tough People Cough Ashes”. The above statement left a profound meaning in me. As I began to continue my sociological readings especially Emile Durkhiem materials formulate my opinion that we were product of our environment.

On Friday November 13th, 2015 several terrorists known as ISIS with jihadi agenda attacked at civilians and robbed away their lives for no reason. On Friday November 13th, 2015 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation released a report that President of France Francois Hollande made a remark that “We Will Lead the Fight. It Will Be Ruthless”. It means that he would follow policy of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A person needs to become emotionally intelligent person that the President of France is simply reacting to this heart wrenching event in France and hoping he would not follow through with policy of death and destruction and would follow policy of forgiveness and rebuilding relationship with others.

The real question at heart of this misery is; what did cause some individuals to hold weapons in their hands and take peoples’ life away? Obviously, these terrorists are suffering from some form of emotional pains and did not have proper resources to understand themselves that what was happening to them. This policy of a tooth for a tooth would not resolve anything. It would perpetuate culture of violence in France. It may appear that using force against these entities would be an easy solution to saga of war on terror. Does it really? Let’s open a window and look inside of a house of action movie like “V for Vendetta“. It has an interesting ending. There is a character V, who was dueling with one police officer, he opened fire at character V several times, and character V did not die.  The police officer asked him; why do not you die? The character V told him, behind this mask, it is an idea and ideas are bullet proof. Hence, these terrorists are having an idea, that idea inspire them to act irrational and irresponsible toward others. These individuals can be killed on spot. However, that idea cannot be killed. It remains in hearts and minds of many that they feel something worthy to give – up their life for that cause. What is that idea? That idea is posing threat to any nation’s social order.

Therefore, today the world is not against some disfranchised individuals, it is defending itself against terrorism at large scale. The Western powers need to build dialogue with everyone, and closing the gap among all nations and not burning the bridges.   It is the only way to have a form of mutual understanding how to resolve differences among one another rather than using muscle for a hopeful thinking that good outcome is coming.