A New Hope for Canada and World


The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau was elected to the Prime Minister’s Office, on October 19th, 2015,  to govern Canada with consent and will of people. Naturally, the action of the Prime Minister reflects what Canadians want and hope for and not what the Prime Minister of Canada wants to do. Obviously, he was elected to the office based on promises that people wanted him to do and refrain from certain policies that they wanted to distance themselves from. Certainly, this current government of Canada is a turning point in Canada’s political landscape and is shaping a new political culture for Canada. It is the kind of regime that some cherished for the Liberal Party to form a majority government,  it is allowing “The Laurentian Consensus”1 to govern domain of the federal politics.  The domestic affair of Canada is so far appeared to be in a good track. There is also foreign affair issues, there are nations that they are in a stagnation state of economy and  there are nations that they are at state of civil wars. The price of civil wars is brain-drain of nations as peoples are fleeing their lands to seek new homes somewhere safer, the institutions are collapsing and causing power vacuum. The problems are countless. However, it is worth writing about issues and to have a reflective thought about Canada and world.

Obviously, Canadians were sick and tired of The Right Hon Stephen Harper’s domestic and foreign policies and wanted a new fresh face, who would make them new promises and would give them new hopes that future is going to be bright, vibrant and prosperous. There would not be a bill like 51 as some express serious concern about it that this bill was going to move Canada toward a police state, or Hannah Arendt book “The Origin of Totalitarianism” explains how Nazi and Bolshevik parties monopolize use of power by legislating laws to spread fear, justifiable use of physical harm to others and taking peoples life away to suppress dissident voices. A person would argue otherwise in regard to the above claim. However, it was the kind of feelings a person would receive from the Bill – 51. It was not a warm fuzzy feelings a person would receive from the Bill – 51.

The other issue remain on surface which was how to deal with nations that they have been performing poorly economically, and need some form of a robust economic engine to move forward in this global village. Usually, these nations are polluting environment and causing climate to change. It would be interesting to watch how this government would bring the changes to Canada as well as other nations. It is a complex issue. Furthermore, Canada’s commitment to NATO  and being a good neighbor to the US is a vital one. Interestingly, looking at former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau’s foreign policy with Reagan over issue of nuclear policy, it was not a mutual friendship. It was a hard one. Hoping that Canada and the US would resolve their differences and not being animosity with one another.

The bottom line, Canada is looking forward to build Canada from where The Right Hon Paul Martin left off as well as other nations. It is the way Canada behaves.

End note:

  1. Brickes, Darrell, and John Ibbitson “The Big Shift: The Seismic Change in Canadian Politics, Business and Culture and What It Means for Our Future“. 2013.

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