Act of Terrorism in Paris Won’t Happen in Canada


On Friday November 13th, 2015 Paris, France reported ISIS engaged in act of terrorism and claimed thirty – five innocent individuals. There is no excuse or justification in what those individuals did to others. What they used against others was an act of violence rather than using language of reason with others.

The recent act of terrorism in Paris puts other Western nations at state of uneasiness that they have liberal policy when time comes to handle its domestics and foreign affairs. Particularly, the liberal doctrine is about allowing individuals to remain free and not to become subject of harassment by others. The act of terrorism is shaking the very basic foundation of liberal doctrine, and creates a cloud of doubt and reasonable questioning that to what extend a doctrine can remain liberal while others are using violence against its civilians? The vital question that comes to any Canadian that; are they safe and secure in Canada? Should Canada approaches policy of preventive war against ISIS?

The above questions needs to by examining under microscope of Samuel Huntington theory of “Clash of Civilization“. In his theory, he claimed that during post cold war, there will be wars between Western nations and the Middle East nations due to fault lines. These fault lines are in regard to past unresolved grievances between Western nations and the Middle East nations. There is a merit in what he says, these Western nations during 1800 used their military might to invade weak nations in the Middle East region to be exploited for their natural resources, and left them at state of poverty in light of power vacuum and never being able to develop any stable civil – society to contribute to their political, legal, and economic institutions. The dependency theory would confirm what Mr. Huntington says. Moreover, Author Daron Acemoglu in his book “Why Nations Fail” and Jeff Sachs in his book “The End of Poverty” have one common theme with each other. They assert that the Western powers used their military strength to expand their frontiers beyond their physical bond and encroach on foreign lands to extract raw materials with help of local peoples. In fact, they confirm what Karl Marx and Frederick Engels book “Communist Manifesto” that these two theorists explain why India and China were having weak economy due to exploitation by England.

As a result, Daron Acemoglu claims rightly that these developing nations failed to develop a central political apparatus to exercise rights of peoples in their domain. These nations did not have a form of Glorious Revolution, French Revolution or 1848 Years of Revolution that European nations experienced. There were subjected to military resistance of the Western powers. Plus, these nations did not develop an inclusive economy, but an extractive economy. Their economies did not evolve from a feudal system to a liberal system, it can be translated in this light that today’s economy is painted by notion of world wide economy network, that nations are facing force of globalization and these fragile economies are falling behind economic race with their Western counter part nations.

Canada would be considered as a Western nation, and has a totally different historical experience with other nations. Canada never was involved in any form of military excursion in any country. Even, in 1700, France lost a war to England and lost Canada to England. During World War I and II Canada used its military to liberate nations from tyranny.

Canada was one of pioneers for United Nations and has a long tradition of peacekeeping and not peacemaking. Just to name one, former Prime Minister of Canada Lester Pearson received a Nobel Peace Prize from Norwegian Nobel Institute for his dedication toward Suez Crisis. Canada was also involved in other peacekeeping mission around the world like the one in 1945 Canada used its military presence in Cyprus to bring peaceful resolution between Turkey and Greece.

The above historical facts about role of Canada, on international affairs, highlighted some crucial points that Canada is about bringing people together and solving their problems. There is no unresolved issue between Canada and rest of the world. It has a foreign policy of building nations and not bombing them to stone ages. This is why Canada may receive an idol threat from the ISIS, but there is no actual threat from of terrorist for Canadians.


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