Who To Blame for Terrorism?


Terrorism has many shapes, and it is not a nice one to face it. It requires to think about terrorism that what triggers certain individuals to walk toward jaw of death for an idea. Interestingly, a person carries an act of destruction against others. Although, s/he is held as a hero for others, while victims of that act of atrocity deem her/him as a terrorist.  Thus, the act of terrorism creates a double edge sword with countless complexity to be sorted out. Currently, the act of terrorism is depicted in this manner that some individuals from the Middle East region are walking in the western hemisphere and are committing an act of violence against others. Indeed, what they do is wrong and unjustifiable. Now, let’s look at other side of the coin, the western powers deployed their armies in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. They have an agenda of regime change in sovereign nations, and interfering with domestic affair of nations,  as Immanuel Kant advises in his book “Perpetual Peace” article seven that other nations not to interfere with domestic affairs of other nations, if that would be the case, it would lead to a war among the parties. Than, why did the US invade Iraq? Is that not an act of terrorism? Furthermore, the US used its state of art military airplane and destroyed a hospital which was used by Doctors Without Border.1 Is that not an act of terrorism?

To understand what is terrorism a person needs to attend Dr. Ron Dart’s lectures and listen to him and writes several critical thinking essays to understand this complex world. In addition, it would be beneficial for a person to read his book “Keepers of the Flame: Canadian Red Toryism” to understand what terrorism is.

Seeking military strike against other nations would perpetuate violence. The west would become a terrorist entity in other peoples’ eyes.  However, working with them would enable us to resolve our differences and building bridges. Say no to any form of violence, and say yes to cooperation among nations to build them.

There is also this idea that Canada should go on war with other nations and nuke them. Remember those dignitaries are receiving premium safety and security from law enforcement agencies. They do not face any form of threat. Ordinary individuals would face wrath of terrorism.

Therefore, live by peace, will have peace, live by sword, will die by sword.

End note:

  1. CNN <http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/05/asia/afghanistan-doctors-without-borders-hospital/&gt; 16 November 2015

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