Security Dilemma of Syria


Security dilemma of Syria is no longer a matter of regional issue. It has become an international issue since the Torjan Horse soldiers in Syria proven to disregard national boundaries of nations and committee crimes in Turkey and France which makes any rational person to question that what in the world is happening now? There is an absent of security, and something must be done to prevent terrorists to cause further harm to others. The road to security becomes foggy, and decisions would be made in these historical moments which would result in unintended consequences.  Also, history is a good starting point not to make same mistake over.  Just to name one, when during Cold – War, the US was at proxy war with former Soviet Union in Afghanistan and was supplying Taliban and Osama Bin Laden with weapons to fight off the US war. The Taliban won the war against the former Soviet Union, and it appeared the case was closed. However, the US opened the Pandora Box and changed the world that we live in. Let’s not make the same mistake in case of Syria.

Currently, Canada is contemplating to provide Kurdish fighters known as Peshmarg with weapons to confront the ISIS in the region. It appears to be a great idea to do so. However, it is a short sighted policy. It needs to be understood that Peshmarg means a person embraces death. It is not any different that Islamic Jihad ideology. The difference is that this faction has extreme Marxist values compare with the other one which adheres to extreme Islamic theology. This Kurdish militant group or any other Kurdish factions have a clear mission mandate which is to create a self – autonomy of Kurdistan in the region. The problem comes here that this ethnic group is scattered among countries of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Thus, Kurdish ethnic group is not concentrated in one nation and their future plan is posing a security dilemma for national sovereignty of the above nations.

There should not be any doubt that once Canada gives the Peshmarg weapons to fight off the ISIS, the Peshmarg would cause serious damage to the ISIS permanently. The Peshmarg would gain confidence of Kurdish people and other ethnic groups are going to feel insecure about the Kurd when it begins to demand for self – autonomy. The path for self – autonomy would be a bumpy one. The Peshmarg would turn those gun barrels at the central governments of the above nations and those nations would be engulfed of fire of civil wars.

Solution to regional problem is to empower Iraqi’s central government to eradicate the ISIS as well as Turkey which is member of NATO to obliterate the ISIS in their land.  By giving power to a small faction to fight off the ISIS, it would reduce central power and public would not have confidence in their central governments and these nations would remain at state of developing.

Therefore, the foreign policy of allowing a faction which has a mandate of self – autonomy for greater Kurdistan and their members are suicidal. It must come as a warning to anyone not to collaborate with that militia group. There is no need to create another undesirable character like Osama Bin Laden. Canada needs to display itself as a nation like former Prime Minister of Canada John Diefenbaker, who did not take part with US to go against Cuba and China. However, he worked with the above nations. This is what makes Canada a great place to be.


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