Golden Rule of Social Constructive School of Thought


Social constructive school of thought is a branch of international relation study which explains that why certain state actors behave in a certain way. This school of thought explains that states make their own enemies. It is a fascinating way to understand that how world govern itself. It uses concept of inter – subjective as a common denominator to bring nations together due to their common background in area of religion, language or race.  indeed, France has been attacked by some ruthless individuals that they did not have an honor. They attacked at individuals that even some of them had view that the war in the Middle East must come to an end. However, those terrorists caused serious damage between West and East. It requires long days of healing between them.

Now, France is acting irrational against the ISIS. It is making more enemies rather than making friends with others. It is beef – up its military presence in the region to seek revenge against the ISIS. How about France would act differently? It would assist the central governments of Turkey, and Iraq to confront the ISIS. It would provide educational means as well as health care for the above nations. How about this. Soon, the war on terror would come to an end. France is acting aggressively with the ISIS not because of terrorism, it is because France does not have an inter – subjective connection with Iraq and Turkey.

Let’s end this cycle of violence with one another, and not to see one another in means of race, culture, or religion, but as a human being. We have a lot in common with one another. Let there be light and push away darkness.


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