Constable James Forcillo and Sammy Yatim


It is with utmost sadness Constable Forcillo decided to use deadly force against Sammy Yatim, who was brandishing a knife at a street car commuters during late night hours. Mr. Yatim’s behavior caused people who were on that street car to flee the public transit in state of fear. Mr. Yatim’s behavior caused Toronto Police Service to attend the call and the above police officer used his hand gun to take Mr. Yatim down. As other officers rushed inside of the street car, they used taser, and caused Mr. Yatim’s body to shake and blood poured out of his body.

The lesson was learned that there are police officers who tarnished good name of other officers. Mr. Forcillo should not become a source of anger, but to be embrace as a human being who made a mistake and correcting him.

There is always for everyone.


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