Politics of Race in Canada


White Canadians really do not want to talk about race issues, and it is a topic which deemed to be left alone. If a non white person mentions topic of racism to a white individual, s/he would respond to her/him like this that it is really sad hidden racism exist in Canada. S/he is assuming by responding like this, has remained liberal minded about issue of racism in Canada, and s/he is emasculating negative impact of racism on non white Canadians. The reality comes to this that society is structured on Karl Marx idea of power struggle, there is no reason to like all of Marx ideas. However, he has some theory about function of society which makes sense. It makes sense that white Canadians are interested to maintain status quo so that they can enjoy life time good employments and good life while non white individuals are struggling to meet basic necessities of life. If a non white person talks about any form of hardship, white individuals would accuse her/him of being lazy. The most funny part comes to this that the gain employment through networking. However, Canada is a meritocracy society, and that person gain employment through nepotism and not networking. How about those individuals that they do not have network in Canada? Obviously, it would be a monumental task to gain employment in Canada.

In 2015, the University of British Columbia released a report that how ethnic minorities in Canada were facing one form of bigotry due to their ascribed status.1 When ethnic minorities are subjected to a form of bigotry; what are the life – chances of opportunities for them in Canada? There is not much of life – chances of opportunities for them. In addition, I looked at policing in Canada, and Toronto Star published an article in 2002 and accused Toronto Police Service for racial profiling.2 Obviously, police system is laying criminal charges against ethnic minorities so that they would have criminal records to prevent them from life – chances, and only white Canadians can have a path toward successful life. What all this does to a person? A person begins to feel alienated and disfranchised and does not want to be part of Canada.

Since terrible incident took place in Paris, France on Friday 13th, 2015, it illustrated to all Canadians that racism is no longer a hidden one. In fact, it is a real one. A man from Province of Quebec decided to seek avenge death of people in France by killing Muslims in Canada. Thankfully, he was apprehended quickly. A mosque was set on fire and only caused property damage and did not claim a human life. Two Muslim women were attacked on Toronto’s subway physically and they were humiliated verbally.3 A Muslim woman received an anonymous letter on her door step to go home.4


Last look at other so called hidden racism in Canada. Jian Ghomeshi was accused of serious criminal offenses and was targeted by media outlets relentlessly. Dr. Steven Galloway teaches at University of British Columbia, who is accused of some allegations. The above academic institute suspended him with pay, and his colleagues are upset that why the UBC decided to disclose this matter in public arena.5 Furthermore, those individuals have made claims against him, their comments are not appearing on google search engine. There is one more shocking news from the UBC. When a PhD historian student Dmitry Mordvinov was accused by several female students for some alleged wrong doing. The UBC decided to shut the door on women, and there is no police involvement in this matter.6

As a result, there is need for one form of economic, social, political and legal system which treats everyone equally. Not have a system which is treating white people with ample window of opportunities while others are becoming nothing but slaves. It needs to change.


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