Iran’s Nuclear Dilemma


Iran was approved by the United States of America to proliferate nuclear capability at time of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was head of state of Iran. In 1979, Iran was transformed from a hereditary monarchy system to a republic political system. The regime in Iran began to face challenges domestically and outside of its national boundaries.

It was during 1980 – 1988 the regime in Iran began to recognize nuclear power as a bargain cheap to resolve its security dilemma. India and Pakistan have nuclear bombs and foreign countries do not question legitimacy of their states or governments. In case of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was over throwing by Western powers on ground that he no longer had consent and will of his people to govern Iraq. In addition, the Western powers accused him of developing Weapon of Mass Destruction, and aiding terrorist entities that they had diabolic plans for Western nations.  Saddam Hussein did not have a military capability to fight back with the Western powers and lost the wars during Persian Gulf Wars.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to have nuclear power. It is right to have nuclear power due to scarcity of fossil fuel. There is an explication that the regime in Iran is developing nuclear power not for use of civilian, but it has ulterior motive. It is developing nuclear bombs to drop them in Israel due to former Iran’s president Ahmadinajad, who said that once Iran has a nuclear bomb, Iran would wipe Israel from map. Particularly, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s domestic and international affairs are at the cross road with other nations as well as United Nations. Ahmadinejad’s statement sent a shock wave to everyone.

Now, the question is; will the Islamic Republic of Iran drop a bomb on any nation? How will the regime in Iran would use its nuclear capability if it acquires nuclear bomb? The regime in Iran has a security dilemma because in Seventh Century Ottoman Empire was encroaching on Iranian frontiers and Shah (King) Ismael from Safavid Dynasty developed system of Shia Sect adherent to twelve saints to prevent Ottoman Empire expanding its frontier on Iranian territory.  This is why Iran is surrounded by Sunni – Sect nations and people who are residing by border, they are following Sunni – Sect doctrine.

Therefore, the regime in Iran is facing insecurity from the region, and makes the region to follow realism doctrine and not ensuing liberal doctrine for trade.

The regime in Iran would not make a military strike against other nations whether it is regional or outside of the region because it has no support of any nation, and if Iran attacks at a nation, other nations with help of Western powers would turn Iran into a stone ages. This is also why Iran has not be at war with other nations since Seventh Century and has always remained in a state of defensive and not offensive.


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