Communism or Capitalism

It can be said since 1848 Years of Revolution in Europe, there is a mind boggling question in human minds which has brought many regime changes around the world. Is communist economic system serve better interest of humankind or capitalist economic system? The above question developed through political evolution. When the system was a feudal one, and it gained legitimacy to govern serfs from head of state who was a queen or a king.  In 1215, Magna Carta questioned legitimacy of a queen or a king to govern a nation. There was absent of consent and will of people for a queen or a king to rule a nation. The Magna Carta was asking head of state to act within framework of Constitutional Monarchy. A queen or a king was not interested to share authority with anyone. S/he was interested to hold on absolute power as s/he believed was chosen by God to rule her/his nation.

The above circumstances shaped England’s political culture, and since it was customary for royal families from different nations to marry among each other to avoid wars, the Magna Carta idea began to spread through out Europe. In 1688, Glorious Revolution took place in England, and shifted dynamic of Europe’s history. In 1789, French Revolution commenced and, in 1799, it reached to its pinnacle point by serfs who toppled the monarchy system. The above era is known as conservatism as Edmund Burke was defending notion of conservatism as a way of life and people should know their place in society. In the main time, there was a new class on rise which was a merchant class. This class was going against the conservative values that a person’s social status is determined by birth, but by her/his labor. It was seeking equal opportunity, and government would not interfere with affair of economy. Adam Smith develops a notion of laissez – faire in his book “Wealth of Nations”. This is an era that an economy system of liberalism is emerging on scene of history. It is asking for freedom from state so economy would function without constrain of state, and right to private property ownership. The above situation did not ease pain of people who were working in factories for over sixteen hours a day, seven days a week and they were penniless. Karl Marx and Engels Friedrick wrote “The Communist Manifesto” and wrote about workers exploitation, and how owner of means of production were developing mode of production to make profits at expense of workers. Moreover, they foreseen future that workers would revolt one day and would topple the bourgeois class, and establish a communist nation that everyone would live equally with one another. The above scenario really was stemming from bible of Armageddon and Second Coming of Jesus.  However, the above political ideologies were feeling short to answer human needs that what would be the best way to serve human needs?

Reading political economy books like “The End of Poverty” by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, whose a Red Tory in Canadian political economy term. Authors Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson in their book “Why Nations Fail” who are Tories and Dr. Robert Pastor in his book “The North American Idea: A Vision of Continental Future” is a Tory. They all convey one message, it is important for governments to invest in infrastructures to develop healthy and vibrant economy. They touched Canada’s health care system as a vital instrument to have a healthy economy.  Canada has top notch doctors who are making Canadians to become healthy when people are becoming ill. It is obvious that the Universal Health Care in Canada is not a communist one nor a capitalist one, it is a socialist one. It is between two economic systems. It is important to remain between two best fruits that history has achieved.


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