Rona Ambrose Constructive Criticism of Throne Speech


Rona Ambrose gives a constructive criticism of the throne speech and she says that it did not address how the new government would provide financial aids to multinational corporate. Why should taxpayers give monies to multinational corporate? The money would not be used toward job creations, it would be used toward another extravaganza CEOs’ wholesome holidays, and when they come back from their holidays, they would begin to brag about themselves to others how fun they had, and when they appear in public scenes, they cry out that how hard they work, and are neglecting emotional needs of their families. Furthermore, she said that the government is not developing any military strategy to fight with the ISIS. Let’s think on this question briefly. So far, the strategy of war on terror has been fruitless, and there are serious allegations that the US is providing the ISIS with weapon caches. Since, she wants the war, she should go to this war by herself and when she will come back to Canada, she has mental health issues.  The Liberal Government will be there for her to provide her with medical treatments to regain her health and the Liberal Government would not cut back on the medical services. I will also give her a medal for putting herself on harm ways.

Last, why people think the Conservative Party is a fascist one? Because this party is endorsing corporate agenda and extreme religious views which are integral part of fascist ideology.


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