Finally Syrians Arrived in Canada


The 2015 federal election was a turning point for the Conservative Party of Canada, it was hoping to form a majority government for another term. The tide changed war image did not favor the Conservative Party’s war machine in the Middle East. The media began to published articles that those issues touched human hearts, and made Canadians worry about welfare and well being of others at far distance. Particularly, there was a picture of a boy who tried to escape Turkey with his family with a boat and it was capsized and the young boy was drowned. His lifeless body became a poster child for all news outlets to depict the full extend of human desperation to run away from a war torn part of the world. The Conservative Party promised more muscle in the region, and the Liberal Party provided alternative means to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. The Liberal Party became appealing for majority immigrants that they voted Conservative Party during previous elections times. Authors of “The Big Shift: The Seismic Change in Canadian Politics, Business, and Culture and What It Means for Our Future” no longer need to lament that Laurentian Consensus shift from Liberalism to Conservatism. It is within realm of the Liberal Party.

The real winner are recent settlers in Canada that they are far away from death and destruction. Now, Canada is their new adopted homeland to contribute to arts, politics, sports, intellectual communities and many more fields that Canada needs to fill in. There is one aspect needs to be discussed. These newcomers will not forget what Bashar Al – Assad did to them. He made them homeless. It is posing to legitimacy for him to govern Syria.


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