Morality and Politics


Today, Canada is facing economic hardship due to fluctuation of global pricing system, and the economic condition is reaching to a critical point that it is expected to face economic recession within the next five years which would cost a $50 billion dollars annually for Canada. The dilemma of morality and politics comes to this vital point. Canadian has responsibility to its own people for ensuring well being of Canadians. Having said that Canada has signed a $15 billion military contract with Saudi Arabia that this regime recently executed 46 individuals under criminal charges of terrorism. As a result of that action, it ignited fired in the Middle East region. Particularly, the Islamic Republic of Iran, a Shia sect as a state religion against a Sunni sect state of the Saudi Arabia that it executed a Shia cleric who was outspoken in regard to the Wahhabi Kingdom in the Saudi Arabia.   Furthermore, there are human rights organizations that they are putting Canadian government under scrutiny not to sell those military equipment to the Saudi Arabia due to poor human rights record. These human rights organizations are concerned that those military equipment would be used against civilians.

There is this side of coin too that there are claims the Islamic Republic of Iran is supporting up – rising in Yemen and other Shia groups in the region in order to expand its empire in the region.  Thus, the region has remained volatile. It remains unclear that how this region would remain at state of peace.

Now, the point is this. The Canadian government would like to ensure that Canadian economy remains strong despite the fact that Canadian currency is losing its value. Canada must sell these weapons to the Saudi Arabia to bring money home and create jobs for Canadians. On the other side of the spectrum, it is possible the Saudi Arabia to violate human rights at home. Also, giving benefit of doubt the regime may use those weapons as a security measure against the Islamic Republic of Iran to defend its sovereignty.


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