Business and Politics


These days, there is an elusive idea that if a person is wealthy, s/he is a wise person and should become a politician. There is this impression that wealth equals wisdom, and qualifies a person to hold an office.

In reality, to be a wealthy person does not mean a person can be a good politician. The prime example is Mel Lastman, former mayor of Toronto, who was a successful businessman, but when time came to run the City of Toronto’s politics, he failed. The City faced a life time saga and the media outlets questioned integrity of him as well as other politicians.  Furthermore, these wealthy individuals like Kevin O’Leary and Brett Wilson are telling Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley to resign from the Premier’s Office so that they can rule the Alberta, they need to understand that they do not have consent and will of people to govern. They act like warlords, and thinking their wealth would pave the way for all problems. In fact, macro – economy is composed of many parts as Dr. Jeff Sachs says, it needs to coordinate all pieces with one another in order to ensure this macro – economy is operating smoothly.

Therefore, Mr. O’Leary and Mr. Wilson do not have consent and will of public to govern. They simply act like warlords, not with guns, but with money to rule Canada. Still, Canada has some fabric of consent with will of people.


2 thoughts on “Business and Politics

    1. padldousti

      It is true these days, there are some individuals that they think, it is their prerogative rights to act as a warlord in the Western hemisphere due to their wealth and shape public policies which are suiting their desires and ignoring others needs.

      Nice chatting with you.

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