Vancouver Police Department – Middle Eastern Men


On Friday January 15th, 2016 the Vancouver Police Department released a video clip, which illustrated some Middle Eastern men were walking inside of the Pacific  Shopping Center in Vancouver, BC and were taking pictures from inside of the mall. The spokesperson for the police said that these Middle Eastern men did not commit a crime, but police wants to speak to them. The spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department raised more questions than ensuring well being of society.

  1. Since these men did not commit a crime, than why should they speak with the police?
  2. If this was truly a police investigation, should not police began to establish a surveillance around the mall to monitor every corner of the mall to ensure the safety and well being of the citizens?
  3. Now, when this police is acting undercover to monitor the area, if some individuals were having a diabolical plan for that intended mall, at that time, they could apprehend the culprits red handed, than why did not the police do that?
  4. The police acts illustrate its mentality that how it perceives toward the Middle Eastern men. The Middle Eastern men are dangerous and cannot be trusted. Every act of them must be put under microscope to be examined by the police. Really?
  5. Why is the police using its position to raise fear mongering among the general population that the Middle Eastern men are not to be trusted?
  6. Enough is enough of this back-lashing at the Middle Eastern men. We are decent, law abiding citizens.

Canada has Constitution that does not allow police to make an arbitrary arrest (the moment a police stops a person, s/he loses her/his civil liberties and is under arrest), and what this police has done so far, it is expanding its power of arrest beyond its boundary. This police needs to know its boundary that this police is not above the law. There is one interesting point about this local police to know. According to the police act, this police is not a legal entity. A question pops in mind, than how does it enforce the criminal law when it is not a legal entity, which is beyond me?


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