US Sailors in the Persian Gulf


In January 2016, two US military vessels were traveling in the Persian Gulf body of water and they lost their direction to their destination as the Islamic Republic of Iran intercepted the vessels and apprehended the soldiers. The US administration contacted the appropriate individuals in Iran and the soldiers were released without any harm.

This media outlet which is posted in this blog begins to manipulate public sentiment that the US sailors were treatment inappropriately by the regime in Iran.

The reporter begins to say that the US sailors were on their knees on their vessels and their hands were on back of their heads. The reporter goes further and says that a female sailor was asked to cover her hair with a scarf.  Examining the reality of this even from a rational viewpoint. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s soldiers indeed ordered the US sailors to go on their knees, this action is always taking during time soldiers are placed under arrest not to humiliate them, but to immobilize them and their hands were placed on the back of their heads so that they are incapacitated to engage in a hand to hand combat. The matter of fact is, the US sailors were not carrying humanitarian aid to any destination. They were carrying weapons with themselves. These are trained soldiers to fight with others to death.

The video clip illustrates that the US woman sailor is wearing a hejab, in fact, it is a law in Iran for a woman to wear a head scarf. Thus, as long as, she is in Iran, she must obey the law.

The interesting parts are here that one US sailor apologized for trespassing on Iran’s boundary. The media outlet is depicting the soldier’s diplomatic manner as a coercive measure by the regime in Iran. The last part of the video clip comes down to this that all the soldiers are sitting side by side in a room, and some of them are in relax positions and are not fearful of anything. They are about to enjoy a nice meal with each other. These soldiers were not afraid of anything and they were behind bars.

The real question is, why the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran decided to have a public relation in this manner on the eve of lifting economic sanction against the regime in Iran?


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