Off the Terrorist Radar


On Tuesday January 19th, 2016 The Globe and Mail published an article that NATO nations did not invited Canada to a round table to discuss the war on terror. It appears that some individuals are disappointed how the NATO nations are not interested to engage Canada on police of War on Terror.

In fact, it is a good news for Canada that the NATO nations did not invite Canada to this round table to discuss policy of war against terrorist groups in the Middle East region. There is no clear objective to accomplish and these nations are seeking wars,  let them have the wars that they want. Now, these ruthless terrorist entities have Canada’s name off their target list and it is less likely for Canada to become targeted by these undesirable groups. They seek war, they will have war, they want peace, they will have peace. Canada is a peacekeeper nation and builds nations, and not destroying nations and leaving them at derelict state of misery.


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