US Drones Down and Role of Canada


I red the below article and decided to respond to it. I just made a slight polishing.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am reading this article and several questions came to my mind.

1. What is the deadline to this war?
2. What is the actual target which needs to be eliminated?
3. Why is the Western powers keeping developing nations at poor state of misery?
4. According to the manifesto of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”1 the US wants to be recognized as a global constable. Than why should Canada be part of that project when it has a military budget of $12 billion dollar annually compare to the US which has an annual budget of $778 billion? 2
5. There are reports on the YouTube that these drones are targeting innocent civilians. Why should anyone support such a program?3

In my view this war is designed to keep the Middle Eastern nations at state of destruction and vulnerability so the Western powers would make progress.

You may think, I am an anti – Canada or all sort of ideas like by labeling me as not one of Canadian for dissuading others not to go to war. In fact, I am a friend of Canada and this war on terror has one dimension. It reflects what the power elite wants. The below is my blog, it illustrates my characteristics that  I dislike any form of violence and only advocate peaceful resolutions to the problems.

End note:


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