Sober Reflection on Aftermath of James Forcillo Conviction Verdict


On Monday January 25th, 2016 a Toronto Police Officer James Forcillo was found guilty at a Toronto court house for one count of attempted murder. This was a sad news to hear that a police officer who sworn to protect citizens from harms, an impartial judicial system convicted of a crime that caused many emotional pains to family of Sammy Yatim. Particularly, mother of Mr. Yatim is in a state of continues emotional pains that she loss her son for something which was preventable.

Mr. Forcillo conviction opened the gateways for other individuals who claim sustain injuries from the police forces in Canada to seek criminal and civil remedies for their pain and suffering.

The idea is not about wining or losing, the problem reside here that what did go wrong so it would not happen again? After all Mr. Forcillo is a human being too and he should have support of his community to understand what went wrong and not to repeat it.  This is the problem of the judicial system that creates a winner and a loser system and it has nothing to do to re-establish order in society.


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