Regime change a mistake in Afghanistan – Major General Dave Fraser


Regime change a mistake in Afghanistan, wrong move in Syria also: Canadian general

This paper illustrated that the west has not have a good strategy to deal with political realism of the Middle East. In this case, Major – General Dave Fraser claims that the western power should target Al – Qaede and not Taliban in Afghanistan instead. According to him, the balance of power was shifted from one fanatic force to another force. In fact, when the allied forces hunted down the Taliban fighters, the allied forces empowered the Al – Qaede forces to become a legitimate force in the Afghanistan. Obviously, Afghan peoples joined the Al – Qaede to fight the Taliban.

Therefore, the central government remained weak to the Al – Qaede forces. The central government never established itself as an authoritarian figure for the state of Afghanistan, and now the elected leaders are appearing as puppets of the western back powers. This is what went wrong, and not what Major – General Dave Fraser says.

Mr. Ezra Levant


I was reading the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) online paper that Mr. Ezra Levant and his associates are been banned from political arenas. It is true that Canada is a democratic nation, and must uphold democratic values in order to enrich diverse views to govern Canada consensus. However, in his case, it is an appropriate course of action to ban him and his associates from political arena because they act belligerently with others to engage in a political debate with others. It appears that they are suffering from some sorts of designated mental health issues.

As a result, they need to improve their qualities of mind frame before they can engage in politics for greater good of Canada. The most fundamental principle of Canada is good law, order, and peace. By allowing them to engage in a destructive manners with others, democratic values of Canada are losing safeguard, and exposed to pernicious elements of some individuals that they are contributing to social unrest in society.

Let’s ban them, let them seek professional help that they need most first.

The above idea is stemming from the facts that he engaged others aggressively, and faced civil law sues from people.

Propaganda or not a Propaganda That is the Question


CF-18s hit ISIS weapons cache

This is an interesting paper to read as Canada is in process of withdrawing its Air Force from the Middle East region, and empowering the central government of Iraq. There is this high volume of stories that how Canada’s Air Force caused devastating effect on ISIS weapon supplies. Before we could not hear this kind of news, now we read this kind of news! It makes me to second guess authenticity of this report.

A final question comes to my mind. Russia, and Iran do not support ISIS. Hence, they would not supply the ISIS with weapons. As a result, how is possible for the ISIS to have weapons?

Jian Ghomeshi and Fear of Victims


Reading articles online that these women were victim of Jian Ghomeshi, and his lawyer really bashed them during course of trial. What is written on papers, do not make sense. There is a final point that everyone needs to understand that he did not live with them. He did not have control over their lives. These women told to the Toronto Police Service that they were afraid of him as a result of hitting them. When the law enforcement agency asked them; did you continue your relationship with him after math? They told to the police “no”. Moreover, these women met each other prior of going to the police, they collaborated their stories with each other.

Now, it does not matter what is the person’s gender, male or female. When a person is afraid of another person, s/he stops associating with that person. One woman in this case e-mail him a bikini picture. Another woman sent him and e-mail how great it was. Last witness set in the courtroom as a Trojan  Horse soldier who listened to another witness testimony, than she appeared before court to testify against him.

These women did not appear to act in good faiths. They made a circus out of the judicial system, as well as, the executive body. They wasted tax payers money while the law enforcement could have focused on actual crimes. The judicial system could have focused on other issues which would contribute to greater good of society.

Let’s wait until final word from the judge because we do not have all the facts yet.


Is Jian Ghomeshi a Victim of Jealous Ex Girlfriends?


According to Kathryn Borel, Jian Ghomeshi’s private life was not a secret for anyone. He was very open his private life with others, and was informing others that how he was seeking gratification. Ms. Borel claims to be victim of Mr. Ghomeshi’s sexual deviant behavior. If that would be the case, why did she appear in his program and wanting to promote her new released book on his radio talk show? It is a strange one.

The author of this blog did not appear in the courtroom due to distance. Several questions come to mind that since Lucy DeCoutere, and another woman whose identity is protected by publication ban, withhold information from Toronto Police Service that they sent e-mails to him, and telling him how it was great during those private moments with him.

Now, these are questions?

  1. Since, he had a taste for BDSM, did these women, were hoping to have an off spring from him so that in future they would ask for separation from him, and by showing injuries to the court, they would collect child support from him?
  2. Was this criminal trial a prelude for civil trial so when these women would convict him of some criminal offences, they would seek civil legal remedy for their pain and suffering?
  3. Were these women exploiting his position at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to advance their own agendas?
  4. Is Jian Ghomeshi a victim of these women?
  5. How does Ghomeshi feel about this trial?
  6. What is his mental health state?

Still, there are more questions to ask; such as, did these women mislead the executive body?

Appearance and Response from Public


Adam Smith is founder of liberal ideology, and in one instant he says that a person should dress in a manner not to be ashamed of it. He is right about what he says. The way I dress myself allows people to make judgement call about me, and respond to me. In addition, Machiavelli resonates what Mr. Smith says. People will judge you with their eyes, and wear proper attire in public area.

Now, you be the judge by watching this video clip.

Jian Ghomeshi’s Trial


It is obvious that he must testify before the judicial system to satisfy the jury that he did not impose his will against anyone. In fact, there was a consensual physical intimacy between him and others. What is so surprising that this courtroom is not holding Crown Attorney’s witness accountable and responsible for anything.

The Crown Attorney Witness made comments during cross – examination which are damaging to her case as well as other Crown witnesses:

1. Lying to a police would be deemed as perjury or obstruction of justice as she did. You have a right not to speak to police.
2. If a person is going to testify during proceeding, witness cannot sit in the courtroom, and listens to other witnesses testimonies.
3. Organizing and fabricating ideas against a person is a criminal offense like conspiracy I think.
4. Crown witness credibility is zero so far.
5. Telling media outlets one story, and changing it later on, it would be used against you.
6. Going around, and selling your story to media outlets would not look so nicely on person.
7. They were having some form of physical intimacies with him.



Jian Ghomeshi Sex, Crime and Race in Canada


The Toronto Star published articles continually that Mr. Jian Ghomeshi was a sexual predator, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) asked his victims to appear at 40 College Street, and file complains against him.  Several women appeared at the above police station, and filed complained against him. Consequently, the executive body brought him before the criminal judicial system.

At this very moment two women who accused him as a sexual predator, they told to the court that after fact they sent him bikini pictures, and they took measures to maintain their relationship with him. The question is, if these women were afraid of him, than why did they want to maintain their relationship with him? There is a question for the Toronto Police Service too. Did the TPS secure conviction against him? If someone walks to a police station, and complains against a person, would the TPS lay criminal charges against another person? Because according to the Constitution, if it applies to him, a citizen has a right to freedom of an arbitrary arrest.1 How does policing work in Canada? How can public educate themselves in area of police not to waste taxpayer money, and police time?

According to the Toronto Star, the TPS has a history of racial profiling. Is this another case of racial profiling?2 Maybe it is not a racial profiling. This is how policing works in Canada. Asking a question would not hurt anyone. Now, there are more questions to ask from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that Canada’s Constitution indicates a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Was that practice here? Will the CBC apologize to him, if he will be acquitted of all charges? In addition, the Toronto Star launched a massive campaign against him, and depicted him as a sexual predator. Will this media outlet apologize to him, if he will be acquitted of all charges?

Still, there is a long way to go in this criminal trial, and it is interesting to observe how the out come of this trial will turn – out. Maybe he did something wrong.

End note: