Jian Ghomeshi’s Trial



It is obvious that he must testify before the judicial system to satisfy the jury that he did not impose his will against anyone. In fact, there was a consensual physical intimacy between him and others. What is so surprising that this courtroom is not holding Crown Attorney’s witness accountable and responsible for anything.

The Crown Attorney Witness made comments during cross – examination which are damaging to her case as well as other Crown witnesses:

1. Lying to a police would be deemed as perjury or obstruction of justice as she did. You have a right not to speak to police.
2. If a person is going to testify during proceeding, witness cannot sit in the courtroom, and listens to other witnesses testimonies.
3. Organizing and fabricating ideas against a person is a criminal offense like conspiracy I think.
4. Crown witness credibility is zero so far.
5. Telling media outlets one story, and changing it later on, it would be used against you.
6. Going around, and selling your story to media outlets would not look so nicely on person.
7. They were having some form of physical intimacies with him.




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