Is Jian Ghomeshi a Victim of Jealous Ex Girlfriends?


According to Kathryn Borel, Jian Ghomeshi’s private life was not a secret for anyone. He was very open his private life with others, and was informing others that how he was seeking gratification. Ms. Borel claims to be victim of Mr. Ghomeshi’s sexual deviant behavior. If that would be the case, why did she appear in his program and wanting to promote her new released book on his radio talk show? It is a strange one.

The author of this blog did not appear in the courtroom due to distance. Several questions come to mind that since Lucy DeCoutere, and another woman whose identity is protected by publication ban, withhold information from Toronto Police Service that they sent e-mails to him, and telling him how it was great during those private moments with him.

Now, these are questions?

  1. Since, he had a taste for BDSM, did these women, were hoping to have an off spring from him so that in future they would ask for separation from him, and by showing injuries to the court, they would collect child support from him?
  2. Was this criminal trial a prelude for civil trial so when these women would convict him of some criminal offences, they would seek civil legal remedy for their pain and suffering?
  3. Were these women exploiting his position at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to advance their own agendas?
  4. Is Jian Ghomeshi a victim of these women?
  5. How does Ghomeshi feel about this trial?
  6. What is his mental health state?

Still, there are more questions to ask; such as, did these women mislead the executive body?


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