Jian Ghomeshi and Fear of Victims



Reading articles online that these women were victim of Jian Ghomeshi, and his lawyer really bashed them during course of trial. What is written on papers, do not make sense. There is a final point that everyone needs to understand that he did not live with them. He did not have control over their lives. These women told to the Toronto Police Service that they were afraid of him as a result of hitting them. When the law enforcement agency asked them; did you continue your relationship with him after math? They told to the police “no”. Moreover, these women met each other prior of going to the police, they collaborated their stories with each other.

Now, it does not matter what is the person’s gender, male or female. When a person is afraid of another person, s/he stops associating with that person. One woman in this case e-mail him a bikini picture. Another woman sent him and e-mail how great it was. Last witness set in the courtroom as a Trojan  Horse soldier who listened to another witness testimony, than she appeared before court to testify against him.

These women did not appear to act in good faiths. They made a circus out of the judicial system, as well as, the executive body. They wasted tax payers money while the law enforcement could have focused on actual crimes. The judicial system could have focused on other issues which would contribute to greater good of society.

Let’s wait until final word from the judge because we do not have all the facts yet.



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