Mr. Ezra Levant


I was reading the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) online paper that Mr. Ezra Levant and his associates are been banned from political arenas. It is true that Canada is a democratic nation, and must uphold democratic values in order to enrich diverse views to govern Canada consensus. However, in his case, it is an appropriate course of action to ban him and his associates from political arena because they act belligerently with others to engage in a political debate with others. It appears that they are suffering from some sorts of designated mental health issues.

As a result, they need to improve their qualities of mind frame before they can engage in politics for greater good of Canada. The most fundamental principle of Canada is good law, order, and peace. By allowing them to engage in a destructive manners with others, democratic values of Canada are losing safeguard, and exposed to pernicious elements of some individuals that they are contributing to social unrest in society.

Let’s ban them, let them seek professional help that they need most first.

The above idea is stemming from the facts that he engaged others aggressively, and faced civil law sues from people.


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