Regime change a mistake in Afghanistan – Major General Dave Fraser


Regime change a mistake in Afghanistan, wrong move in Syria also: Canadian general

This paper illustrated that the west has not have a good strategy to deal with political realism of the Middle East. In this case, Major – General Dave Fraser claims that the western power should target Al – Qaede and not Taliban in Afghanistan instead. According to him, the balance of power was shifted from one fanatic force to another force. In fact, when the allied forces hunted down the Taliban fighters, the allied forces empowered the Al – Qaede forces to become a legitimate force in the Afghanistan. Obviously, Afghan peoples joined the Al – Qaede to fight the Taliban.

Therefore, the central government remained weak to the Al – Qaede forces. The central government never established itself as an authoritarian figure for the state of Afghanistan, and now the elected leaders are appearing as puppets of the western back powers. This is what went wrong, and not what Major – General Dave Fraser says.


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