What Went Wrong


Former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper astonished me for the economic austerity measure that he took to respond to Canada’s economic problems. I believed, Mr. Harper formulated his policies that they were having harsh tones toward public. He acted in a super critical manner because he earned an economic masters degree from the University of Calgary that his dissertation was stemming from F. A. Hayek’s political economy of libertarianism. Mr. Harper took Hayek’s political economy too seriously, and did not follow the middle ground approach to accomplish his goals.

I read F. A. Hayek’s book “The Road to Serfdom“. This book illustrates how Dr. Hayek’s world view is shaped as a result of his experience of World War Two, and Bismrack’s1 policies. Dr. Hayek believed, private sectors should govern a nation and not governmental bodies because private sectors would build factories around the world, and would provide job opportunities for peoples. Hence, there would be no more wars around the world because private sectors wanted to protect their self – interests, and not destroying them with bombs. Eventually this approach would lead to the perpetual peace of Immanuel Kant who envisioned for humankind. Ayn Rand also advocated a libertarianism because she experienced Tsar ruler of Russia that a system had a policy of military expansion around the world. Thomas Hobbes published “Leviathan” book that he asserted human lives in a nature of state which was in constant state of violence. He asserted human lived a short, brutish, and nasty life. They needed to give – up all their rights, and handed them over to a strong sovereign to govern them for greater good of society. In fact, he told his audience about the way he experienced that epoch.
It appeared to me that Mr. Harper experienced all the above elements of the global affairs, and the domestic affairs at the same time. The domestic affairs and foreign affairs made him to act hastily toward issues rather than acting in calm manner. Canada’s economy in need of repair, and there was a threat of terrorism. There was a need for a strong man to find a solution for all the problems that Canada faced. It could be said confidently that this was the place, where Mr. Harper fell short on his policies that he took the unilateral approach to the problems Canada faced. As a result, Mr. Harper provided an ample window of opportunities to his critic to censure him at every point.  Author Donald Gutstein published a book called “Harperism” and depicted Mr. Harper as a tyrant of Canada who had to be toppled from the Prime Minister’s Office. Author Mel Hurting published a book called “The Arrogant Autocrat“.  The book title was a give away what the author was planning to do with Mr. Harper. This author was going to up – root Mr. Harper in his book at every corner. This book depicted him as a man who destroyed Canada’s democracy. Being less critical, and less vigil anti against Mr. Harper. The above books in my view did not have any academic merits, they were books to confront Bill – 51 and 24. These authors were attempting to claim that Mr. Harper’s policies were disenfranchising Canadians from their Constitutional Rights. Therefore, voters do not vote for him in this up – coming election.
There are two books that they clash with each other very nicely.  Book one, “The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett against book two “The Spirit Level Delusion” by Christopher Snowdon. Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett used quantitative methods to prove their claims that equality would lead to greater good of society; such as, reducing suicide rate. For example, these authors claimed that the US has more gun problems and higher suicide rate compare to Canada because of social inequality. These authors used numbers to prove their claims by asserting that Canada has universal health care, and everyone is receiving a proper medical health care treatment. As a result, there was less gun problems, and less suicide rate in Canada compare to the US that everything is privatized (you may watch the YouTube video clip that I attached to this forum so that you make your judgement call on issue of gun problems).2 Author Snowdon used fallacy technique to refute Wilkinson and Pickett claims, and sometimes he claimed that the above authors omitted their numbers on the graphs. When I was reading Snowdon’s book I noticed that he was shying away from some of the key arguments of the above authors. In fact, he was proven their claims, and not his claim. For example, when I was reading page 81 of “The Spirit Level Delusion” of Snowdon, I noticed author says “The USA’s high homicide rate is largely driven by black – on – black gun crime and gang activity. The homicide rate for black male victims is 37.59 per 100, 000… Wilkinson and Pickett could no doubt identify inequality as being the ‘root cause’ of black – on – black shooting”. On Sunday Feb 28th, 2016 Oscars event was censured by public for not having an African-American recipient to win a prize from the Oscars event. It means African – American individuals are having difficulty to overcome social barriers which leads to social inequality and gang violence. This is the light that Snowdon does not see. On a more vital note, women are facing glass ceiling, it leads to social inequality in society. It must come to an end for greater good of society.
All in all,  the text book is right, when it says, do not be so hard on your findings, and leave a room for others to breath, and remain at the middle ground. Otherwise, an author would appeared as an arrogant person to others. A claimant needs to be a humble person, and approachable by her/his critics. Now, there is a question for the reader of this paper, am I the black sheep of the family? I think not because Premier of Ontario is empowering vulnerable peoples of Ontario and all powers to her.3 Thank you for reading this long paper, and yes I talk a lot. Now, scroll down to see the picture of what Mr. Harper envisioned for Canada.



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