US Election Mr. Trump


I do not have to like Mr. Don Trump, but I respect peoples’ votes. If public have elected him as the US President, it is a fact, and must be enforced. Otherwise, it is not a democracy. It is a state of chaos. In fact, public confidence would shatter for electoral process and in the next up – coming election people would not go to the polling station to cast their votes for candidates. I also red The Globe and Mail this morning, the paper claimed that some Republicans are trying to oust him from the presidential race. It is wrong, this race is about people’s choice and not who candidacy is, and not what a party envision for the US. People are seeking a new face to govern them and are tired of politicians who rule with Real Politik doctrines. This is why people in Canada voted for Justin Trudeau to be elected to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).


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