North Korea and Nuclear Issue


The North Korean is threatening the international community that at any given moment, it is about to launch a nuclear rocket at the heart land of South Korea. Does that make sense to you? No. Let’s look at one reason for a leader to invade another country. It is because of money. The South Korea has a strong economy, and the North Korea is a poor nation, and needs financial boost to overcome its economic crisis. Moreover, it is receiving financial aids from European nations to feed its people. Would  it be wise for the North Korea to destroy the South Korea which has financial gain for the North Korea? Of course no.

Why North Korea is always uttering threat to the South Korea? The North Korea is a bankrupt country from two points. One, it is bankrupt because of its economy. Last, the political system is an oligarchy – Sultanic one. The leader of the North Korea needs to give reason to its people that he is actually doing something meaningful for his people. The rest of the world envy them and want to take away their way of life.

What to do when next time the leader of North Korea begin to talk about destroying other nations? Just ignore him.


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