Racism In Canada- Part 2



This is a guest post by Peyman ADL DOUSTI HAGH on racism and politics in Canada.


It is important to understand how politics is shaping race relations in Canada. To begin with, let’s define the concept of politics in light of economic scarcity[1]-how different groups of self– interest begin to compete with one another to gain more from those limited resources. As one group is gaining more from  those precious resources, there are resources for others to gain.[2] Therefore, the concept of class begins to emerge in society, and becomes relevant in society. The whole idea is about accumulation of wealth by individuals to form a powerful class. Use Max Weber’s ideas to explain how this class has begun to define itself in terms of power and prestige. This power elite class is claiming that it earns everything through hard works. In fact, the power elite accumulate wealth through exploitation of working classes- it can be middle class (white collars) or blue collars. The power elite uses political institutions to develop policies so that this elite group can keep the other groups at the state of nothingness.

The above discussion elucidated how class struggle works in society. Now, let us discuss how there is another sub – class in society which is based on race. The power elite is unable to use culture and the judicial system to hold this new class at state of misery.

It is a sad fact that individuals with dark skin in society are being mocked by non white people. The society that they live in, the power elite put stickers on them, and call them lazy. Are they really lazy? Or is society developing a system to hold them back from economic progress? Indeed, the power elite develops a system not to employ those individuals. Once, these race groups do not have money, they cannot give direction to economy and remain at the state of nothingness. It can be proven that other race groups gain higher education, and yet they are unable to earn good income. It is not slander. It is an ugly reality that minority groups are facing in Canada day after day. The Statistic Canada makes the below revelation year after year, and nothing happens to rectify the situation.

“Higher unemployment rates and lower incomes among visible minorities. Despite being more highly educated than non-visible minorities, visible minorities have higher unemployment rates than their counterparts, namely 9.5% compared to 7.1%. Among the various visible minority groups, the Chinese had the lowest unemployment rate in 2001 (8.4%), while Blacks had the highest rate (11.5%). Visible minorities were also much more likely to live below the low-income threshold. According to the 2001 Census, 26.0% of visible minorities were members of a low-income family, compared to 10.6% of non-visible minorities. Among visible minorities, more Blacks lived in a low-income family (32.5%), than South Asians (22.0%) or Chinese (24.6%).”[3]

 The judicial system is also unfair toward minority groups. When they cannot afford to retain lawyers to defend themselves, they are at the mercy of the judicial system. Further, people commit crimes because they cannot afford basic necessities of life.

 Therefore, the political system needs to open–up for all non white people and not only to individuals who possess wealth. They can be part of the system so they make laws for their own self–interest. Let’s be fair and equal to one another.

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PM Justin Trudeau – Mussolini


Let’s have no doubt that The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau is a good man. He is doing his utmost best to bring social equality and social justice for Canada. However, I am feeling that he is carrying away here. He is acting like Mussolini as if PM knows everything. He knows about quantum physic, and sometimes he is acting like Kim Jong-un, he is everywhere.


Let’s put it this way, people of Canada would like to see a humble prime minister.

Stone Aging the Developing Nations


These days we are understanding that the US foreign policy of spreading democracy around the world has nothing to do with democracy itself. It has to do with this idea that the developing nations must remain at state of developing. The US has done a masterful job to destroy these nations under slogan of democracy and freedom. The US deploys its armies around the world, the armies topple the regime, and power vacuum begins to rule nations for many years to come by.

As a result, the US no longer needs to nuke the developing nations, the US is destroying them under false flag of democracy and freedom. It is time to wake – up and say no to US democracy and leave in peace. We want peace and not war.