What to Do With US War Machine?


On December 25th, 1992 former Soviet Union collapsed, and no longer the Red Army posed a military threat to the US’s capitalist economic system. The collapsed of communism in Russia was a beginning of a new era or a new world order for the nations around the world. Prior of the collapse of Soviet Union, there were nations around the world that they aligned their foreign policy with former Soviet Union’s foreign policy in form of military and economic system which stood in stark contrast with the US’s foreign policy of military and economic system. Most importantly, the collapsed of Soviet Union led to a domino effect as several republics began to gain their own self – autonomous.

The collapsed of Soviet Union provided a unique power vacuum for the US to advance its interest globally. There was reunification of European nations. The West and East wall collapsed, and the capitalist system began to permeate in the region. These nations had financial institutions that they were compatible with communist form of economy, and the new system of capitalism was going to give the old economy a shock way. As a result, countries like Poland could not keep – up with the capitalist system, and remain in stage of vulnerability of self – sustaining itself. There were some countries like East – Germany that it joined West Germany. In fact, the West Germany was the engine of capitalist economy in Europe and reunification with East Germany did not hurt the economy.

The issue of self – autonomy became an international issue during 1990s. Yugoslavia disintegrated among different ethnic groups due to past grievances. The US used its military might to suppress violence in the region. The US used its military power in the region not because it wanted to have peace, but because these new regimes needed to know that the new boss is the US and not Russia. According to Competitive Authoritarianism: Hybrid Regimes after the Cold War by Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way, who are pro US foreign policy around the world. In fact, they resonate the dependency theory that as long as nations around the world follow the US laws, they will remain at peace. Otherwise, those nations will be entangled in civil – wars. Such examples are not figment of imagination. When Muhammad Ghazafi was head of state of Libya, he was on side of Soviet Union. After collapsed of the Soviet Union, the US foreign policy was to toppled Mr. Gazafi’s regime at any cost. The US did and not Libya is burning alive at hand of civil – war. Innocent peoples are fleeing Libya to European nations by using unsafe vessels. Not all migrants are lucky. The vessels are sinking in the middle of ocean, and these are mostly women and children that they are drowned in the middle of ocean. Furthermore, the US has a foreign policy in place to topple Hosni Mubarak in Egypt as it did, and not this nation is in state of chaos. The US has a foreign policy of toppling Bashar Al – Asad, whose head of Syria. The US foreign policy is not about peace and freedom. It is about turning these nations to stone ages. It is the same foreign policy that the US did in Vietnam. The US went to the Vietnam under banner of peace, freedom and democracy, and turned the region in an inferno of hell.

It is possible to stop the US foreigner’s war machine, when Canada begins to take side with Russia, and involves Russia in foreign trades, and buys military armaments. In regard of lumber, the US caused serious problems for Canada. In regard of military the US caused a serious ethical issues for Canada like F- 35. It can be said that currently the US has no military expansion for Canada because the US needs to this buffer zone with Russia. Thus, it is time to use this moment for Canada to build economic and military ties with Russia in order to stop the US from becoming a global constable. In fact, Canada becomes a middle power that wants to be by means of diplomacy and not war. This will lead the world toward peace, and the current situation would lead to destruction of world.


Justin Trudeau’s actions causes uproar in House


After watching this video clip, I noticed other politicians are harassing Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. They are the one that they need to apologize to him and not him to others. There are the one who are provoking him, and inviting him for their traps. Wow.

Crowd Mentality – PM Justin Trudeau


The Right Honorable PM of Canada Justin Trudeau is holding the highest office in Canada. Public has high expectation from him to be a good role model because he is representing Canada on a domestic affairs, as well as, foreign affairs. Furthermore, it is interesting to know that he had a passion to follow his father’s foot step. It is clear when he was elected to the Prime Minister’s Office, he asked staff to bring his father’s desk back to the Prime Minister’s Office. He is working diligently to respond to all Canada’s needs. Since 1991, I have been living in Canada, I never seen a politician to work hard like this.

We need to ask ourselves, when PM Trudeau went to Fort McMurray, how did the incident have effect on his mental health?    Emile Durkheim says that external forces are shaping our internal behavior. In addition, is it possible that this passionate man for Canada, and Canadians suffered from some form of crowd mentality? A voice in his head said; let’s move forward and cannot keep Canada behind. More works need to be done.

It is obvious that he suffered from tunnel vision, and auditory exclusion. Now, let’s not judge him for what happened on Wednesday May 19th, 2016 at the House of Common. Let’s be a person of emotional intelligent, and embrace him in our arms. This is the way of life and not hurting him emotionally.

Iran and Iraq


Several days ago this matter came up that where is Iran and how it is different than Iraq.

Where is Iran on the map and what it means.

1. Iran is located in the Middle East. It was known as Persia.
2. In 1930s England and Russia were interfering in domestic affairs of Iran in order to disintegrate Iran among different ethnic groups. Consequently, Reza Shah Pahlavi changed Persia to Iran.
3. Iran means land of noble.
4. Iraq was part of Iran.
5. In the 17th Century Ottoman Empire attacked Persia or Iran, and annexed Iraq from Iran.
6. During World War One Ottoman Empire collapsed and England took over Iraq. In fact, England deprived Iran to regain its land.
7. Iraq’s national language is Arabic.
8. Iran’s national language is Persian.
9. There is a huge difference between Canada and US. It is stemming from its political culture. 1
10. Three wisemen were from Iran or Persia that they were adherent to Zoroastrian faith. This is the first monolithic faith.

End note:

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