Iran and Iraq


Several days ago this matter came up that where is Iran and how it is different than Iraq.

Where is Iran on the map and what it means.

1. Iran is located in the Middle East. It was known as Persia.
2. In 1930s England and Russia were interfering in domestic affairs of Iran in order to disintegrate Iran among different ethnic groups. Consequently, Reza Shah Pahlavi changed Persia to Iran.
3. Iran means land of noble.
4. Iraq was part of Iran.
5. In the 17th Century Ottoman Empire attacked Persia or Iran, and annexed Iraq from Iran.
6. During World War One Ottoman Empire collapsed and England took over Iraq. In fact, England deprived Iran to regain its land.
7. Iraq’s national language is Arabic.
8. Iran’s national language is Persian.
9. There is a huge difference between Canada and US. It is stemming from its political culture. 1
10. Three wisemen were from Iran or Persia that they were adherent to Zoroastrian faith. This is the first monolithic faith.

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