Crowd Mentality – PM Justin Trudeau


The Right Honorable PM of Canada Justin Trudeau is holding the highest office in Canada. Public has high expectation from him to be a good role model because he is representing Canada on a domestic affairs, as well as, foreign affairs. Furthermore, it is interesting to know that he had a passion to follow his father’s foot step. It is clear when he was elected to the Prime Minister’s Office, he asked staff to bring his father’s desk back to the Prime Minister’s Office. He is working diligently to respond to all Canada’s needs. Since 1991, I have been living in Canada, I never seen a politician to work hard like this.

We need to ask ourselves, when PM Trudeau went to Fort McMurray, how did the incident have effect on his mental health?    Emile Durkheim says that external forces are shaping our internal behavior. In addition, is it possible that this passionate man for Canada, and Canadians suffered from some form of crowd mentality? A voice in his head said; let’s move forward and cannot keep Canada behind. More works need to be done.

It is obvious that he suffered from tunnel vision, and auditory exclusion. Now, let’s not judge him for what happened on Wednesday May 19th, 2016 at the House of Common. Let’s be a person of emotional intelligent, and embrace him in our arms. This is the way of life and not hurting him emotionally.


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