Canada’s Role in International Relation


On June 21st, 2016 The Globe and Mail published an article “Mulroney offers advice on jets, NATO Commitments“. However, The Globe and Mail paper published the above article on June 20th, 2016 with a different title which says “Canada must do more to help NATO combat Russia threat, Mulroney says“. The point is not what the title says, the point is what paper is sought to convey a message to readers. Coming to this point, does the article resonate post 9/11 how politicians used fear of terrorism to encourage us to go in war against Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations because they posed threat to the national security of western nations? Does Russia pose threat to sovereignty of Canada? Indeed, it does. All nations around the world are dealing with security dilemma, and it is not unique to Canada.

Canadians should not get panic that Russians are invading Canada. They should ask themselves why should we listen to Mr. Mulroney? Is it because of F – 35 deal that he is trying to convince the PM Trudeau to buy them and not making the same mistake Canada did during helicopter purchase in 1990s that he was trying to buy and Mr. Chretien nullified the contract and cost more to taxpayers to buy them in the long run?

The point of this paper is, not turning Russia into a boogeyman, and allowing fear shapes public policies.  But, to think what is good for Canada. Perhaps, F – 22 airplanes should be bought to defend national sovereignty of Canada. Last, we should make Russia economic partner of Canada so this economic partnership would deter Russia from invading Canada and moving toward political liberalism and not political realism.