Bleak Future


There is a clear and present danger between the western hemisphere part of the world which is in firm position against the eastern hemisphere part of the world due to the past grievances. It is exactly the way, Dr. Samuel Huntington predicted in the 90s that the west will clash with the eastern part of the world due to unresolved issues; such as,  colonization of the developing nations during 1800s by the western powers. Today, what France is experiencing as well as other nations, it is not due to current affairs of the Middle East, but because of centuries of self – interest for the power nations in the west. Germany too is paying price because it has immigration policies which are not reflecting current time. On the surface, it appears to implement multicultural policy, but it is not. For example, the Greeks in ancient times had multicultural policy, it meant the newcomers would reside at the fringe of the city.

There is an alternative to the current events which are unfolding in the European nations at this time. it is time of reconciliation between the western powers and the eastern nations. As author Carolyn Schrock Shenk in her book “Making Peace with Conflict” page 52 says, it is about acknowledging about the source of the problem to reach to the peace. It may comes from racism, or class-ism. The same way Canada did with the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged of wrong doing to the Aboriginal people of Canada.

Last, let’s stop madness violence by means of respect to one another.


Coke or Pepsi?


Dr. C. Wright Mills published “The Power Elite“, who asserted that the US politics is controlled not by politicians, but by the power elite who are working behind the scene and are pulling the strings.

In the past history of electoral system of the US, politicians made promises to their constituencies, and they really never fulfill their promises. As a result, people stop voting during electoral process, and during election time voting turn over became less. This has impact on legitimacy of government to rule the US.

Once, this became clear that there is a problem with the electoral system of the US, and there was a public outcry for diversity of the US political system, the power elite elected Mr. Obama as the US president with golden promises of changes that he really did not deliver them.

Now, the power elite have Trump and Hillary Clinton at their show case for the public. This time the slogan of the parties are we will make America great again. The interesting point is here that Mr. Trump is making clear cut comments that how he is going to build walls around the US to prevent rotten applies to enter the US, if he is elected to the President’s office. Clinton is promising pragmatic approach to the issues. She means that she will build invisible walls around the US to prevent rotten applies to gain access to the US soil.

The matter of fact is, Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton will not bring any changes to the US. in fact, they will follow the core essence policy of the power elite. Maintaining the war policy and entrenching further libertarian political economy in the US.

Now, the choice is yours, do you want Coke or Pepsi?




Several days ago Mr. Trump’s wife gave a speech to an audience, which was copied from 2008 speech of Mr. Obama’s wife. I asked myself what does that tell us? There are two key points in it. One, these politicians do not care about people. They simply want to make promises to the public to gain their confidences and votes in order to be elected to the highest office. Usually their remarks are about giving hope to the peoples that once they are elected to the office, everyone will be treated equally and everyone will be treated like a family. There is also element of Machiavelli’s doctrine of free ride society. This is why when they are elected to the office, they do not fulfill their promises, in fact, they break their promises. They did not draft those speeches. Someone else drafted for them. Thus, these are not speech from their bottom of their hearts. Last, these politicians are taking others for naive individuals.

Canada too had it shares of embarrassment when Stephen Harper’s speech was borrowed from Australia.

The result is very simple, when politicians are elected to the office, they turn into a non democratic approach to solve problems.

Coup in Turkey


Last week, a news circulated in the global village that a military coup failed in Turkey. So far, the type of news it is circulating around the world, the news are from the Turkish president that some military officers were trying to topple his regime. The news are coming from the President, it gives some doubt what is really happened. It appeared that maybe he staged the coup to eradicated those individuals who were standing in his way. Because he has begun to detain judges, and crown attorneys. These guilds has no power to stage a military coup against him.

The Turkish president is accusing a cleric in the US for masterminding the coup in the Turkey. It does not make sense whatsoever. Why would military staff wants to follow a civilian? Distance is a matter. A coup involves secrecy and long distance prevents him to stage the coup.