Parthian Shot



According to the Canadian media outlets, Canada has deployed a battalion force close by Russia border in order to deter Russia from invading countries like Poland. The question is; can Canada withstand Russian invasion of the former Eastern block?

Currently, Canadian military armaments are in state of relic. Assuming Canada comes and borrow the US made M 16, it is no match to AK 47. The best assault weapon is made by Germany. It is called H&K 416. The US air force is no match to the Russian air force. The US developed F4, F5, F14 and F15 to confront the Russian made planes of Mig 15 and 21. The US air force failed to win dog fights against the Russian air planes. At the end of the Cold War, Russia developed Sukhoi airplanes. What is the Russia’s the latest airplanes? Does anyone know? During World War II Russia developed T series tanks that they were deflecting in – coming rockets. What Russia has in its military stock now? Does anyone know?

Let’s be frank, here the US no longer has foreign affairs, it has war machine. It no longer follow liberal doctrine. It is following Realpolitik. Social constructism is right that state agents create their own enemies. The US is entice Russia into a war. Why should Canada go into a war with Russia? Why should Canada follow the US policy of war machine?

The US is interested in war because it is making money from it, and keeping its people at state of poverty. Today, Canada is developing military armaments to sell them to other nations. These military machines are killing peoples.  Why are we building machines which are killing peoples?

Coming to this point. When the US was exporting its democracy around the world. The US democracy left nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya in a state of civil war. What kind of democracy is this? Furthermore, when Hosni Mubarak’s assets were frozen in Canada, because he was a dictator. Now, who does own Mr. Mubarak’s assets in Canada? And why did Canada allow a dictator to own assets in Canada?

Today, Canada is doing the same with Russia by passing a law to freeze assets of the Russian elite in Canada. This sounds like highway robbery.

Thinking in a reflecting manner, this is not the way to move the world toward global peace, and this is not why people vote during election time. We want peace, and not war. Since, during Cold War Russia lost the War to the West that was the moment Russians were retreating, and this time the Russian arrow is going to strike the West hard. It is time now to stop any unforeseen war.


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