Several days ago Mr. Trump’s wife gave a speech to an audience, which was copied from 2008 speech of Mr. Obama’s wife. I asked myself what does that tell us? There are two key points in it. One, these politicians do not care about people. They simply want to make promises to the public to gain their confidences and votes in order to be elected to the highest office. Usually their remarks are about giving hope to the peoples that once they are elected to the office, everyone will be treated equally and everyone will be treated like a family. There is also element of Machiavelli’s doctrine of free ride society. This is why when they are elected to the office, they do not fulfill their promises, in fact, they break their promises. They did not draft those speeches. Someone else drafted for them. Thus, these are not speech from their bottom of their hearts. Last, these politicians are taking others for naive individuals.

Canada too had it shares of embarrassment when Stephen Harper’s speech was borrowed from Australia.

The result is very simple, when politicians are elected to the office, they turn into a non democratic approach to solve problems.


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