Bleak Future


There is a clear and present danger between the western hemisphere part of the world which is in firm position against the eastern hemisphere part of the world due to the past grievances. It is exactly the way, Dr. Samuel Huntington predicted in the 90s that the west will clash with the eastern part of the world due to unresolved issues; such as,  colonization of the developing nations during 1800s by the western powers. Today, what France is experiencing as well as other nations, it is not due to current affairs of the Middle East, but because of centuries of self – interest for the power nations in the west. Germany too is paying price because it has immigration policies which are not reflecting current time. On the surface, it appears to implement multicultural policy, but it is not. For example, the Greeks in ancient times had multicultural policy, it meant the newcomers would reside at the fringe of the city.

There is an alternative to the current events which are unfolding in the European nations at this time. it is time of reconciliation between the western powers and the eastern nations. As author Carolyn Schrock Shenk in her book “Making Peace with Conflict” page 52 says, it is about acknowledging about the source of the problem to reach to the peace. It may comes from racism, or class-ism. The same way Canada did with the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged of wrong doing to the Aboriginal people of Canada.

Last, let’s stop madness violence by means of respect to one another.


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