Kurdistan As a Distinct Society




Kurdistan as a distinct society is a good measure to resolve outstanding issue of Kurds in the region. It is important to look at the history of Kurds from the time of its inception and to develop a domestic and not international policy to resolve the Kurd issue in the region.

Kurds belong to the Mede tribe as well as the Azeri ethnic group in the region. Kurds had their empire in the region and Cyrus the Great whose mother was Mede and his father was Persian. Cyrus the Great defeated the Mede Empire in the region. The Mede empire never could revive itself and throughout history, Mede tribe disintegrated among Ottoman Empire and Persian Empire. Even, some leaders like Ataturk called Kurds as mountain Turk and legislated laws to abolish Kurd identity in Turkey.

In the early 1990s, Turgut Ozal claimed that he had Kurd blood in him. This admission of him opened the door for other to step forward and claim that they were Kurds too.

Since 2007, the Western nations are interfering in the Iraq’s domestic affair and causing unrest in the region. In this issue of Kurds, Turkey would not tolerate any idea of Kurd and would use power as Max Weber prescribed to maintain order in a system.

There is a solution for the Kurds in the region. The Kurds need to support the central government in order to bring peace to their nations and the region. Once, peace is prevailing, the Kurds can use political means like a referendum to be recognized as a distinct society in their countries and developing economic ties with other nations. Otherwise, the level of violence would escalate in the region and the Kurds would lose their chance to be recognized as a distinct society.



Future of Kurds in the Region


At some point in the early period of 2016, Canada began to support Iraqi Kurds as a countermeasure against the Islamic State in Iraq. This was a terrible idea to do because this act was diminishing the authority of the central government and it was empowering a regional power which has no loyalty to Iraq.  This particular problem would contribute to the ripple effect in the region and would lead the region into a civil war in Turkey, and Iran.

The kind of statements which were used in Canada to advocate the policy of empowering Iraqi Kurds to fight the IS is stemming from below songs at the time when Iranian Kurds revolted against the establishment in Iran. Iranians were assuming that a small faction of Kurds would have the military capability to confront the national army. These are the songs that they would encourage the Kurds to fight the regime in Iran.

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWE6ieGxn8c

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCIMl6JvIGk

The simple idea is that today, the world needs peace and not Realpolitik’s. Let’s not follow the policy of bloodshed.

Mixing Business with Pleasure


The Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (PM) is taking firms step to rebuilding Canada’s economy with China while China is playing hard to get the game. Canada is the country which has the money and China is the country which needs the money. The reason PM is eager to do trade with China, it is due to the fact that the PM wants to pursue his father’s legacy. Thus, the PM is mixing business with pleasure. What needs to be taken into account that China is posing the threat to the global security. China already is waging war against Taiwan, and Philippine.  Therefore, Canada’s economy power would enable China’s military to robust its military to challenge the US.

It would be savvy for Canada to engage in a trade with other nations like Vietnam or other ones that they do not have war agenda.

Who is a Terrorist?


Since the post 9/11, anyone would be deemed as a terrorist. For example, a person walks into a store to do shoplifting, the person is committing the act of shoplifting, s/he is causing unrest in that establishment. There is no doubt that everyone is dreadful about what is unfolding before their eyes. Thus, there is a question to ask here, is the shoplifter a terrorist? Obviously, the answer is no. Even, there were some cases in Canada that some shoplifters were killed at the time of the robberies and causing mental anguish for everyone.

The real concept of terrorism and counter argument that terrorists are cherished hero goes back to Hassan Sabbah when he established a formidable fortress in close by city of Ghazvin in Iran, the place is called God’s of Alamut. There is only Persian textbook which has accurately capture the historical event of Sabbah. There are other scholars who attempted to write about Sabbah, but they failed because they claimed that his followers were smoking opium. It does not make sense for individuals were preparing themselves for their final journey of their life to enjoy in debauchery and smoking addictive hallucination substance which would cause their bodies to become weak and their power of will would reduce to nothing.

In this  fortress, young men were receiving training in the art of knife how to assassin Arab rulers in Iran. These young men would kill the Arab rulers in Iran and would make sure they would escape the scene of the incident. In case, they would be apprehended at the scene of the incident, they would break that high concentrated opium in their mouths not to confess to anything. These young men were regarded as the hero by Iranians and Arab rulers deemed as terrorists.

The above historical illustrates that a terrorist needs to act on behalf of victims for the greater cause of self – defence, justice of righteousness, and emancipation of people from the tranny.

As a result, it is wise not to accuse everyone as a terrorist because a criminal act is not terrorist as a young man made a poor choice for himself and tarnish his last name. Refraining from using his name in order to respect the surviving family members.

What Does White Privilege Mean in Canada?


On Monday, August 22nd, 2016 I received the hard copy of The Globe and Mail newspaper to keep – up with my daily readings. The front cover of the paper printed four Canadian athletics who competed during the Olympic time. It really shocked me to see that a nation like Canada which is composed of different people from different backgrounds, the paper printed only four white athletics. Is it possible that other ethnic groups from Canada compete during the Olympic events? The answer to the question is the obvious one. Yes, they did. However, in Canada, there is a policy of you are not white, you are not right exist. Only white people qualify for any position.  This is why Olympic games do not interest me. In addition, the participants at the Olympic games are coming from well to do families. These are the families that they cut back on social safety network programs. Why should I support the Olympic game? It does not reflect me whatsoever. Even, I wanted to take part in it, I am not white enough to be allowed in the game. This is a way of Canada.

Question of Race in Canada


When I was living in Toronto, Ontario, there was a room for discussion about the issue of race in Canada. However, when I moved to British Columbia, the issue of race was no longer a public issue. It was a matter of self-individual responsibility not to be acting racist to others. In the conflict resolution technique, it means that people are avoiding one another to resolve their differences and animosity remains in the society. This is the state of racism in British Columbia.

It was very refreshing when I was reading this book, and it was discussing the issue of race.

The bottom line is, the direction Canada is going, it is going to cause countless individuals to feel alienated in Canada. Thus, the policy of multiculturalism become a policy of accommodation and not the policy of integration.  It is time to change for sake of Canada.