Making America Great again


There is a slogan in the US Presidential Election that if Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton is elected to the US President’s Office, Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton will make America great again. It is a great idea. However, there is a problem. Mr. Trump as an acumen he is causing social unrest, and not engaging anyone on an intellectual level. Mr. Trump is attacking at people on the personal level. He is not being the unifier of the US. However, Ms. Clinton is acting as the unifier of people. For example, she gave a platform for the mothers whose children were killed by police officers. She won’t do anything for them. Simply,  she is showcasing these mothers to others that I listen to people. She is also acting as a champion of women for overcoming glass ceiling.

The real question is why Mr. Trump, who is a businessman,  he wants to lose this election. The Clinton’s family has a long history of unscrupulous activities. The US is at its lowest point now, and it is a great idea for the power elite to orchestra this election in a fashion to provoke public to vote for a female candidate to become the US president, and tell the rest of the world, America has become great again.

In conclusion, the US election is farce, and it is obvious that the power elite in the US are staged this election for Mr. Trump to lose and Ms. Clinton to be elected to the US President’s Office so that America become great again.


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