What Does Make Me an Advocate?


Today,  a question came to my mind that what does make me an advocate? The obvious answer is because the way I experienced my life, it made me to moved toward social justice issues. The primary social justice issue for me to advocate, it is the racism in Canada that individuals like me who speak English accent, we are marginilized in society. The most disappinted part comes here, when I talk about the issue of race in Canada as a huge problem for stability of Canada, people get mad at me and develop this defensive mind frame of denial that racism does not exist in Canada, the US has race problems!


It is really hard to believe that racism does not exist in Canada since Canada has a long history of eradicating the aboriginal people’s culture and labelling it as a problem for the white settlers. Just recently the federal government acknowledged thatthe system committed a grave mistake by implementing policies which were engineered to imposed European values on the aboriginal nations. Consequently, the aborignial people lost their inner power to become equal partiner with the newcomers of Canada (Europeans).

Today, Canada has not change its course of action and has maintain the same course of action by not allowing those individuals who speak English with accent and have dark complexion to pass threshold of economic success. There is called the invisible apathia which exist in Canada.

Looking at http://www.advocates.ca. does not cater any program which is geared toward my cause. However, living in this global village, I share my stories with https://perfectthedays.wordpress.com to spread the message of hope and better future for everyone that one day social justice will prevail in Canada.

In conclusion, the reason, I advocate the issue of racism because I am asking for fairness and equality among all Canadians so this policy of multicultiram become a reality and one day Canada can show case this policy to other nations that how different people from different background can live side by side in a state of harmoney.



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