What Does White Privilege Mean in Canada?


On Monday, August 22nd, 2016 I received the hard copy of The Globe and Mail newspaper to keep – up with my daily readings. The front cover of the paper printed four Canadian athletics who competed during the Olympic time. It really shocked me to see that a nation like Canada which is composed of different people from different backgrounds, the paper printed only four white athletics. Is it possible that other ethnic groups from Canada compete during the Olympic events? The answer to the question is the obvious one. Yes, they did. However, in Canada, there is a policy of you are not white, you are not right exist. Only white people qualify for any position.  This is why Olympic games do not interest me. In addition, the participants at the Olympic games are coming from well to do families. These are the families that they cut back on social safety network programs. Why should I support the Olympic game? It does not reflect me whatsoever. Even, I wanted to take part in it, I am not white enough to be allowed in the game. This is a way of Canada.


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