Who is a Terrorist?


Since the post 9/11, anyone would be deemed as a terrorist. For example, a person walks into a store to do shoplifting, the person is committing the act of shoplifting, s/he is causing unrest in that establishment. There is no doubt that everyone is dreadful about what is unfolding before their eyes. Thus, there is a question to ask here, is the shoplifter a terrorist? Obviously, the answer is no. Even, there were some cases in Canada that some shoplifters were killed at the time of the robberies and causing mental anguish for everyone.

The real concept of terrorism and counter argument that terrorists are cherished hero goes back to Hassan Sabbah when he established a formidable fortress in close by city of Ghazvin in Iran, the place is called God’s of Alamut. There is only Persian textbook which has accurately capture the historical event of Sabbah. There are other scholars who attempted to write about Sabbah, but they failed because they claimed that his followers were smoking opium. It does not make sense for individuals were preparing themselves for their final journey of their life to enjoy in debauchery and smoking addictive hallucination substance which would cause their bodies to become weak and their power of will would reduce to nothing.

In this  fortress, young men were receiving training in the art of knife how to assassin Arab rulers in Iran. These young men would kill the Arab rulers in Iran and would make sure they would escape the scene of the incident. In case, they would be apprehended at the scene of the incident, they would break that high concentrated opium in their mouths not to confess to anything. These young men were regarded as the hero by Iranians and Arab rulers deemed as terrorists.

The above historical illustrates that a terrorist needs to act on behalf of victims for the greater cause of self – defence, justice of righteousness, and emancipation of people from the tranny.

As a result, it is wise not to accuse everyone as a terrorist because a criminal act is not terrorist as a young man made a poor choice for himself and tarnish his last name. Refraining from using his name in order to respect the surviving family members.


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