Kurdistan As a Distinct Society




Kurdistan as a distinct society is a good measure to resolve outstanding issue of Kurds in the region. It is important to look at the history of Kurds from the time of its inception and to develop a domestic and not international policy to resolve the Kurd issue in the region.

Kurds belong to the Mede tribe as well as the Azeri ethnic group in the region. Kurds had their empire in the region and Cyrus the Great whose mother was Mede and his father was Persian. Cyrus the Great defeated the Mede Empire in the region. The Mede empire never could revive itself and throughout history, Mede tribe disintegrated among Ottoman Empire and Persian Empire. Even, some leaders like Ataturk called Kurds as mountain Turk and legislated laws to abolish Kurd identity in Turkey.

In the early 1990s, Turgut Ozal claimed that he had Kurd blood in him. This admission of him opened the door for other to step forward and claim that they were Kurds too.

Since 2007, the Western nations are interfering in the Iraq’s domestic affair and causing unrest in the region. In this issue of Kurds, Turkey would not tolerate any idea of Kurd and would use power as Max Weber prescribed to maintain order in a system.

There is a solution for the Kurds in the region. The Kurds need to support the central government in order to bring peace to their nations and the region. Once, peace is prevailing, the Kurds can use political means like a referendum to be recognized as a distinct society in their countries and developing economic ties with other nations. Otherwise, the level of violence would escalate in the region and the Kurds would lose their chance to be recognized as a distinct society.



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