Hard to Believe

Since the Liberal Party of Canada formed a government, the media outlets began to published article that Canada is selling weapons to the nations that they have poor human rights record because the weapons will be used against defenseless civilians. Despite the public outcry and taking Canada’s financial needs. Also, it is important if Canada does not do it, there are other nations that they will sell their weapons to the governments that they violate human rights in their countries. As a result, Canada has no choice but to sell arms to these failed states. When Prime Minister of Canada, The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau visited the United Nations, he provided several million dollars financial assistances to war-torn nations to overcome their issues. I was thinking to myself, what if we collectively come to the conclusion that we band developing weapons and only United Nations would be allowed to have arms to safeguard the nations from aggression. I agree with this idea.

Hypocrisy and Racism in Canada

I have been living in Canada since 1991 and noticed people who are new Canada they do not want to stay in Canada. They are staying in Canada for a brief period than they leave Canada for good. It is hard to digest why people come to Canada in a first place than they leave Canada until I began to face racism in Canada.

Since I have been living in Canada people, always witch hunt me with the movie “Not Without My Daughter.” Apparently, this is a social fact about Iran. As time passed by people began to tell me that I speak English with the accent. Initially, it did not bother me; it was just a talk. No, it was not just a talk. They mean that I am not one of them.

Now, let’s look at Canadian culture. This is Darek, who’s a famous Canadian singer. In this video clip, he is objectifying these women for men, and says why do not you stay home and answer my call? How sexist is that for you. Plus, he received an award for his sexist songs.

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxpDa-c-4Mc

This is Eminem, who is well done to trash other people. In this video clip, he is talking about domestic violence and vandalism. If I made this video clip, the system would lay criminal charges against me for some violation.

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uelHwf8o7_U

Canada has the hierarchy of race, and this is how comes to play in your life. I speak English with the accent, and people deny employment to me. Now, just imagine a police officer is called because there is an issue you with you and you are not a white person. The police will lay criminal charges against you. Now, you are before the judicial system, and the judge is acting exactly like that police. The judge does not care you are an innocent or not.

Now, this is the funny part about Canada; it says China has the human rights issue. Here in Canada, the system and white people violate all human rights laws. There is nothing wrong with that. However, China has a human rights problem, and not Canada!

The biggest mistake that I made in my life, I came to Canada and encouraging you not to come to Canada. Stay in your country and live your life peacefully. There is nothing in Canada but a big disaster await for you.