What is Future of Syria?

Today, the US foreign policy is not about making peace with other nations. It is about waging wars with other nations like Iran, Turkey, and Russia. These are the nations that their names appeared on Nostradamus prophecy as the nations that they will capture Syria and Palestine and they will go into the final battle with Israel which is known as Armageddon.

What if the US foreign policy would not be fulfilled? The US foreign policy is enduring to align its policy with the Nostradamus prophecy. As so many times these predictions are lacking rigorous scientific threshold.

As long as, the US is following the same path of destruction in the Middle East, the matter of reality is, Iran, Turkey, and Russia are going to take over Syria, and Palestine. Furthermore, The above nations will annex those small countries as the shape of the Middle East will change forever. The US foreign policy is nothing, but a failure.


Crazy English Language

English is a crazy language. Let’s talk about the grammar rule of articling. It does not make sense whatsoever. Assuming someone asks you to got on car. You already know which car it is. You will not get on wrong car. Thus, the proper English would be in the car.

What if someone asks you to eat apple. You would not begin to finish bowl of apple. Now, let’s not make people confuse. Please have an apple from the bowl. The whole sentence is funny for me. English speaking people get confused easily.

Now, this is the part which does not make sense. The alarm went off; it is not same as saying turn off the light. Saying the alarm went off, it means the alarm is on. Now, let’s work on the “on.”  If you are on it, it means you are on top of it. You get on the bus. It does not say that you are on the roof of the bus, it means you are actually in the bus. Now, you sit in the chair.

Good luck learning the English language, you got my point. The English language developed by people who had no clue about language.


America votes: vulgar Trump tape leaked

We all know the US political apparatus is bankrupt since people no longer go to the polling stations to vote for their candidates. Thus, the system is lacking legitimacy and consent of people to govern. Furthermore, it is a fact that Mr. Trump is a long time supporter of Clinton family and always supported the Democrat Party. How is it possible for a person to change his tone of attitude in one moment? It is impossible. As a result, this unprofessional talk of Mr. Trump is designed to provoke people to pay attention to politics and Ms. Clinton makes the US looks good in the world politics that a woman broke the glass ceiling too because other nations have their women leaders. The above idea is stemming from C. Wright Mills “The Power Elite.” It is one best investment some can do for themselves.

Speaking with An Accent

These days I am experiencing blunt racism in Canada, it is no longer hidden racism as it was perceived to be. When I am talking to people, they tell me, I noticed you are not from here, you speak with an accent. As if that person was an aboriginal person, I would believe that person was the actual owner of this land. The point is here when a person tells me, I speak English with an accent, it means that they are interested about what keeps us apart and not our common denominator which is humanity.

Last, you too speak English with an accent because there is no one universal English accent.


The Executive Body of Canada

The executive body of Canada has some members that they display a total disregard to the laws of this nation. Now, this is no reason for people to resent police officers. It is time to think that people are walking around in safety because of the good police officers who are upholding the laws. It is because of the good cops, we are sleeping at night in peace and security, and the good cops are awake in the middle of the nights to ensure our well-being.