Good Cop vs Bad Cop

Today, the YouTube channel is full of video clips that they are illustrating police officers who are crossing the important line of being law enforcement agents and they are acting as individuals that they are holding the criminal laws in their hands and are acting arbitrarily. These police officers are tarnishing the good reputation of police officers who are enforcing the law to create safe and secure for everyone.

In this video clip, it can be seen that this police officer in this video clip is using excessive force against the suspect.


In this video clip, it illustrates that the person had a brushed the criminal law. Does that make him a wicked person at all times?

In this video police officers are entering the house, even the occupants are not giving their consent to them.

After watching these video clips. I ask myself, why are the judges allowing these human rights to continue in Canada? I do not bother calling human rights organizations because they are here to say that the Canada system is fair and responsible to the United Nations.

The bottom line here, this society need to change itself. It needs to love one another and not hate one another.




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