What is Future of Syria?

Today, the US foreign policy is not about making peace with other nations. It is about waging wars with other nations like Iran, Turkey, and Russia. These are the nations that their names appeared on Nostradamus prophecy as the nations that they will capture Syria and Palestine and they will go into the final battle with Israel which is known as Armageddon.

What if the US foreign policy would not be fulfilled? The US foreign policy is enduring to align its policy with the Nostradamus prophecy. As so many times these predictions are lacking rigorous scientific threshold.

As long as, the US is following the same path of destruction in the Middle East, the matter of reality is, Iran, Turkey, and Russia are going to take over Syria, and Palestine. Furthermore, The above nations will annex those small countries as the shape of the Middle East will change forever. The US foreign policy is nothing, but a failure.


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