Canada Is not Democracy

The former head of state of Cuba Castro passed away and The Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau expressed that the death of saddened him. There were other politicians that they began to use the occasion to censure the Prime Minister that Mr. Castro was involved in human rights violations.

When I read the news that the Prime Minister’s comment was criticized by the opposition parties, I came to the conclusion that we do not live in the democracy. Here in Canada, we cannot post comments on the Facebook or other social medias which are contrary to the conventional wisdom of society. We Must follow the conventional wisdom of society. God forgive if a person makes a comment outside of the structural foundation of society, s/he will lose a job or will be facing persecution for speaking contrary to what others believe.

Let’s move on, and not bug down with these frivolous ideas that what others say. Let’s do something productive for our community.




Be Generous with Your Money

I was watching this video clip about “Black Friday” and left me in a state of shock and awe that we live in industrial nations. However, we are acting as we are residing in the stage of hunting and gathering. We lost our minds that because the owner of means of production is telling us, now it is a good time to shop, we must do it because someone told us to do.

Let’s take a step backward and think about these images that we are absorbing. Is it worth it to tackle someone and face criminal charges which are going to last the lifetime and losing jobs? Is it worth to hurt another human being because of an object which is going to break or fall apart in future?

There is an alternative scenario compared to what we watched here. What if you buy a product from the store and give it to a student whose attending higher education, so one day s/he learns from that act of kindness and when s/he is working, s/he would act like the mature and responsible person to her/his coworkers? This is what it means to plant a good seed in society.

You may please pay attention to the RT anchorwoman who is speaking wisely about consumerism in North America.

Last, I am always in the state of disbelief that how the Western media depict the Middle Eastern peoples in the aftermath of disasters that how they are covered in dust, shouting out loud with foreign languages. Now, I can say it that those people have the right to lament their loss one aftermath of an explosion. Look at these people; they are living in the land of honey and milk, and they are devouring one another.

Employment Laws In BC

When I was living in Toronto, ON, there was a strong sense and presence of workers rights. I remember one summer day, I was cycling to my work and had to stop the bicycle because of the red light. A young man walked toward and was holding a bunch of papers. He gave me a piece of paper to me and asked me to read it. As always I am a curious person, I look at the paper, and it was informative one. The paper was illustrating my working rights as follow, if I worked four hours, I entitled to fifteen minutes to break time. If I worked six hours, I allowed to one fifteen minutes break and half an hour lunch break. If I worked eight hours, I authorized to two fifteen minutes breaks and half an hour paid break time or one hour break time without pay. I remember the time in Toronto, ON; the labor organizations were making announcement· about workers rights to refuse unsafe work. There were survivals that they would make public announcements that workers were not the slave of employees and had right to refuse to work. However, here in the  British Columbia, the culture of work is different because it is the conservative part of Canada, the owner of means of production has all the rights and workers are not proletarians, workers are nothing but the slave at the mercy of the employees. You can report these issues to the appropriate governmental organizations or non-profit organizations; they will not do anything. First, these organizations would do to look at your ascribe status, do you fit in the white culture? If not that you are not a Canadian.

I was applying for a job at a private sector; the company was asking about my material status. Another company was asking me about my doctor information. During job interviews, employers are asking about my material status? When I was applying for a job at the City, it asked for my picture.

The bottom line is here that living in a conservative part of Canada; it allows the owner of means of production to dominate its rule and the agencies are in placed to protect public, they will not do anything to ensure the well-being of workers. They are just collecting their monies from governments, and all is good. Sometimes, they find an odd case and make a sentential case out of it that they are working in best interest of people. It is a big joke.

F-35 and Ram Jet

In 1997, the federal government made an announcement that it signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to purchase F-35 Lightning II.  The vendor was obligated to fulfill its promise by 2010. However, in 2012 Auditor General of Canada released· a report about then F-35 in a negative light that these airplanes were not capable of what the Lockheed Martin promised. The tricky part of this contract comes to this point that if Canada withdrew from the contract, the Lockheed corporate would reallocate $825 million to another nation. This is a substantial amount of taxpayers money to be toyed around by a corporate in this arbitrary fashion. The issue here is not that Canada is not fulfilling its promise, but the corporate itself is failing to fulfill its original promise of delivering airplanes to Canada. Eventually, this contract will cost Canadians $1 billion. Also, it will cost an additional $10 billion to maintain these fighter jets. There are two questions that they come to mind. How many jet fighters Canada is buying? Why is Canada not charging this corporate for failing not delivering the planes on time?

The core of this paper comes to this point that the US military complex has knowledge of Ram Jet technology that is not relying on fossil fuels. This technology has been available since the 60s. The rational mind says that there is something wrong with this picture that Canada is hooked on this relic of F-35.

The last question comes to mind that why Canadian scientists are not working toward Canada’s defense system?