Stop Civil War in the Middle East

Last year around this time, the civil war in Iraq and Syria began to escalate to the point that it brought fear among Westerners. Especially, at the time when the ISIS  sympathizers were carrying out several acts of atrocities in the European nations. The Canadian government began to claim the Kurds in the region were the only option to confront the ISIS. This policy was shortsighted just to begin with. How can a separatist faction bring peace and stability to the region? Countries like Turkey and the regime in Iran would not allow disintegration of their national sovereignties.

Indeed, the Kurds are brave because when they are born, their parents are teaching them how to use weapons to kill wild beasts from preventing them from stealing their cattle.  Also, the local governments are reluctant to invest in the infrastructure because the Kurdish separatist factions would vandalize the public properties. This is one factor that why the Kurds are in the state of perpetual of social injustice.

Coming to this point, that inspired me to draft this paper when I came across this newspaper article.
The Kurds are protesting again. The point is not that the Kurds are protesting, the point is when the Western powers like Canada are promoting disharmony in the region. When General Charles de Gaulle praised French – Canadian separatist, Canada asked him to leave Canada. It is about time for Canada to leave the Middle Eastern nations alone.

The bottom line here that Canada can give peace to other nations by not interfering in their domestic policies. Canada sold billion dollars worth of weapons to the Middle Eastern nations and give blood money to some nations. Let’s be real and authentic here. Say no to war.


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