Employment Laws In BC

When I was living in Toronto, ON, there was a strong sense and presence of workers rights. I remember one summer day, I was cycling to my work and had to stop the bicycle because of the red light. A young man walked toward and was holding a bunch of papers. He gave me a piece of paper to me and asked me to read it. As always I am a curious person, I look at the paper, and it was informative one. The paper was illustrating my working rights as follow, if I worked four hours, I entitled to fifteen minutes to break time. If I worked six hours, I allowed to one fifteen minutes break and half an hour lunch break. If I worked eight hours, I authorized to two fifteen minutes breaks and half an hour paid break time or one hour break time without pay. I remember the time in Toronto, ON; the labor organizations were making announcement· about workers rights to refuse unsafe work. There were survivals that they would make public announcements that workers were not the slave of employees and had right to refuse to work. However, here in the  British Columbia, the culture of work is different because it is the conservative part of Canada, the owner of means of production has all the rights and workers are not proletarians, workers are nothing but the slave at the mercy of the employees. You can report these issues to the appropriate governmental organizations or non-profit organizations; they will not do anything. First, these organizations would do to look at your ascribe status, do you fit in the white culture? If not that you are not a Canadian.

I was applying for a job at a private sector; the company was asking about my material status. Another company was asking me about my doctor information. During job interviews, employers are asking about my material status? When I was applying for a job at the City, it asked for my picture.

The bottom line is here that living in a conservative part of Canada; it allows the owner of means of production to dominate its rule and the agencies are in placed to protect public, they will not do anything to ensure the well-being of workers. They are just collecting their monies from governments, and all is good. Sometimes, they find an odd case and make a sentential case out of it that they are working in best interest of people. It is a big joke.


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